PlayStation VR

Sony may be a little later to the VR stage, but games that fill your field of view and offer you something new and exciting are just starting to get interesting. PlayStation VR is going to launch worldwide to a massive audience of people who haven't been able to enjoy the more expensive PC-based VR experiences and found the smartphone-based offerings a little lacking. What does that mean for those VR fans who are sunning super powerful VR PCs? Will there be an alternative way to use PlayStation VR on your PC?

The short answer is no. At least, not officially at launch. But since we're talking about this, lets go into why and how it will change over time.

This is a lot of speculation, with nothing official behind it.

Sony reps have been quoted on PC support for PlayStation VR before, and the answer we get is something in the neighborhood of "we're looking into it" every time. That's exec-level code for please be excited about this thing without giving a real answer. When PlayStation VR launches, it will only officially support PlayStation 4. Developers have some wiggle room here, in that PlayStation VR will also support PlayStation developer kits. These are like PlayStation 4 consoles with extra hardware and software for debugging and testing, basically a PS4-shaped computer. That doesn't mean much to anyone initially, but over time it's likely to be significant.

Since PlayStation VR is basically a display with clever head-tracking systems, unofficial PC support for PlayStation VR is something folks who love to tinker will be looking into as soon as the headset is selling in stores. This means there's potential for unofficial Steam VR support, which would mean the games available in Steam VR could become playable over time. This is a lot of speculation, with nothing official behind it, but when you see efforts like VorpX and ReVive for HTC Vive it's clear VR fans are all about tinkering right now.

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