HTC Vive sitting

This is a weirdly frequent question asked shortly after showing many people what room-scale VR is like. It's not all that hard to understand, either. For many people, gaming is that relaxing thing you do at the end of the day. You get home from work, kick the shoes off, grab a frosty beverage, and proceed to smash buttons on a gamepad for an hour or two.

There's certainly nothing wrong with this setup, but if you're the kind of person who wants to enjoy VR both standing and sitting is the HTC Vive for you? Well, yes and no.Lets break this down.

Being totally sedentary in Vive is something else entirely.

For the most part, HTC Vive games are built for the room you're in. That means you have the flexibility to move around a bit, but it's not always a requirement. Many games rely on teleportation instead of direct locomotion, meaning you press a button and are moved to another place in the virtual environment. In those games you are almost always stationary, and the world moves around you. Granted, there's no shortage of games that ask players to walk around in a physical space to interact with the virtual environment, and all of these games require you to use your arms to move around as you complete tasks, but it's not a requirement that you always be standing or walking. If you want to sit down while you shoot zombies in The Brookhaven Experiment, while hurling yourself through the air in Windlands, or while drawing something fun in Tilt Brush, you're not going to have a problem. If you're trying to play Water Bears VR or Pool Nation VR, things get a little more complicated.

Being totally sedentary in Vive is something else entirely. There are very few games that use something other than the motion controllers provided by HTC in your Vive kit. Steam VR has a function that lets you see if you can use a gamepad in a game, or if you must use the Vive controllers, and in most cases you'll find the gamepad is not the preferred way to play. Where you will find that functionality is in Oculus Rift games, which can be played on the HTC Vive using the ReVive tool. If you're set on enjoying VR in full couch potato mode, or if you're wheelchair bound and want to enjoy VR, these games will get you there the fastest.

Do you sit down a lot in VR? If not, do you wish you could? Hit us up in the comments with your thoughts!