PlayStation VR

The most commonly asked question about every VR headset by far is how comfortable that headset is to wear. And that makes sense, if you're going to be dropping cash on a VR headset, you want to know you'll be able to enjoy wearing it for extended periods of time. For many, knowing the headset is secure on your face without applying a lot of pressure or weight on any one part of your head is enough. For those who can't see without prescription lenses, that comfort is a little more specific. We've talked before about how comfortable the PlayStation VR is to wear, but what does that mean for those of us who wear glasses?

The short answer is most people aren't ever going to have a problem wearing glasses with PlayStation VR. The long answer, as is often the case with VR headset comfort, there's a little more to it.

PlayStation VR Glasses

One of the amazing things about the design of PlayStation VR is the way the headset itself barely touches your face at all. The white plastic "halo" wraps around your head, and the display hangs off the top and holds the display over your eyes.When you put the headset on, the display part of the headset is extended out away from the headset, making it so you can put the "halo" on your head and then slide the display into place over your eyes. As you can see in the photo above, as long as your glasses are relatively close to your face the headset slides over the frames without even touching the sides.

This design is infinitely more comfortable than the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Even the HTC Vive for people who wear glasses. There's no pressure on your face, so nothing is pressing the lenses against your face. This means no smudging, no pressing up against the display, and the headset doesn't pull your glasses away from your face as you remove the headset after a gaming session. All of this having been said, the PlayStation VR "halo" design isn't as good as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift at keeping the headset off of your nose.

After extensive gameplay, the headset can slide down on your face and quickly become less comfortable. You don't need to worry about your glasses, but you'll have to be specific about how you have the headset mounted in order to remain comfortable on your face.

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