Watch where you want

How to watch movies on your HTC Vive

Fire up the world

Here's what you need to get started with Windows Mixed Reality

Also fun for adults

These HTC Vive games are safe for your kids to play

Score the best photos

Taking the best Cardboard Camera photos

Cranial Accessories

Do you need the Deluxe Audio Strap for HTC Vive?


What was your favorite E3 announcement?

Riot Shield OP

Love Rainbow Six: Siege? BREACH IT brings attack and defend action to VR

Lighter, Better, Faster, Stronger

The HTC Vive available now is much different from the original

It's finally here!

Here's where you can buy the Vive's new Deluxe Audio Strap

Be prepared for anything

Picking up Star Trek: Bridge Crew? Do these things first!

Retro revival

Battlezone is still a great shooter for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Survivors keep moving

Get the most out of Farpoint with these tips!

All hands... battlestations

Preparing your Rift for Star Trek: Bridge Crew!

God mode

Google Earth VR is a must-have for Rift and Vive owners

Buyer's guide

The Alienware Aurora is the best pre-built desktop PC for VR

A two-piece combo please

Your Touch controllers can now act as a gamepad in some Oculus experiences

More room for games!

Move your Rift library to a different drive with this easy guide

Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Prepare yourself - Star Trek: Bridge Crew is almost here!

Full on, guns blazing

Serious Sam shows how classic shooters do have a place in VR

Get ready

Windows Mixed Reality is on its way and here's what you can expect

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Take the Developer Economics Q3 '17 survey and find out who you would be in a sci-fi developer universe!

We are excited to announce that the Developer Economics Q3 2017 survey, run by our friends at VisionMobile, has just been launched! Take the survey and you could win a great prize!

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This is the LAST DAY to enter MrMobile’s huge giveaway!

To celebrate his hundredth video –and to thank you for making it possible– MrMobile is giving away smartphones, tablets, accessories and a 4K TV – over $10,000 in prizes! Enter now for your chance to win!

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Hands-on with the Pico Neo VR: A standalone virtual reality headset

You don't need a smartphone or a computer to power this virtual reality machine.

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Dispatches from GDC 2017: VR creators use film techniques to make immersive games

The co-founders of Steel Wool Studios detail how they used storytelling elements from film to make their virtual reality content more immersive.

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Into the VOID: the Ghostbusters Dimension VR experience

If busting makes you feel good, you should make your way to Madame Tussaud's in NYC and get into a whole new Dimension.

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Our forums are about to get super awesome, but we need YOUR help!

Help us test out the shiny new forum design, provide feedback to help us make it even better, and maybe win a free t-shirt!

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Don't miss out on this VR headset for just $10 at Amazon

Habor is offering its latest VR headset for just $10 at Amazon with coupon code CDYAH6NZ. Whether you are looking for a starter headset or a secondary one for travel, you won't want to miss out on this deal.

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Acer and Starbreeze start shipping StarVR headsets to IMAX

Acer and Starbreeze announced during IFA that StarVR virtual reality headsets are being shipped to IMAX in preparation of the new IMAX VR Center, set to open in Los Angeles.

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Join us on AltSpace for a VR Heads meetup!

Are you busy Thursday, around 8pm Eastern? If not, come hang out with us in VR!

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We're giving away 10 Homido Mini Google Cardboard kits!

The Homido Mini is small, easy to pocket, and just as easy to set up and use. We've got our hands on 10 of these little guys to give away to you guys! Read on for all the details!

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