Few games do as good a job of capturing your attention and encouraging you to stay in VR for hours on end as well as The Unspoken. The whole idea is compelling on a unique level, wizard battles in grimy underground locations, a secret society of battle-casting mages all trying to grow their skill while staying off the radar. This game has an addictive quality to it, but feels somewhat limited by being a strictly online matchmaking experience.

To address this, Insomniac Games announced a free update coming to all Unspoken players soon called Acolytes. The goal is to introduce a story mode to the game where you can hone your skills and learn more about the world, and this is the first few minutes of that story.

As you can see, this prologue starts you out at the very beginning. You play a generic Anarchist class character in this to give you a feel for the gameplay mechanics, but once you enter the actual story you play as your own character with the same spell loadout you would use in matchmaking.This could give you an advantage, or you may find yourself needing to re-spec in order to address the challenges of the world you've just entered.

Expect this update to hit your Oculus Rift for free before the end of the year.

Story mode includes several one-on-one battles like the one in the video, but also includes a number of boss fights with creatures seemingly summoned from bits of the world around you. These can be spells gone wrong or deliberate attempts to gain the wrong kind of attention, but the bottom line is you'll need to fight these in similar ways t o how you would fight an Arena Guardian in multiplayer. Each will have its own unique characteristic, and you'll need to be light on your feet if you expect to survive the fight.

According to the folks at Insomniac, the goal with the Acolytes update is to keep people playing in the matchmaking part of the game. A healthy story mode means fewer opportunities for someone to stop playing the game when frustrated by trying to unlock new spells, and gives players something to do when there aren't as many people online and ready to fight. Either way, you can expect this update to hit your Oculus Rift for free before the end of the year.

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