The U.S. Navy is stepping further into augmented reality, and is currently developing an augmented reality display meant to work underwater. The Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVID) is meant to be integrated into a diver's helmet, and will see its first underwater tests later this year.

Check out the Navy's augmented reality diver's helmet

From the U.S. Navy (via Ars Technica):

This unique system enables divers to have real-time visual display of everything from sector sonar (real-time topside view of the diver's location and dive site), text messages, diagrams, photographs and even augmented reality videos. Having real-time operational data enables them to be more effective and safe in their missions -- providing expanded situational awareness and increased accuracy in navigating to a target such as a ship, downed aircraft, or other objects of interest.

Divers will be able to turn the data display on and off, and can request that support teams reposition the display from the surface if they need to. The headset will also be able to show virtual instructions to divers to make it easier for them to complete their work.

The team behind DAVID is also working on bringing these sensors to full-face diving masks. Divers will begin testing DAVID underwater in October.