HTC Vive

No product is perfect, and after using the HTC Vive for a couple of days you start to realize there are a few things about the design that get in the way a little. Nothing that stands out as a deal-breaker by any means, but small things that can be corrected with the right amount of know-how.

If there's one thing you can count on early adopter nerds for, it's finding impressive solutions to small problems. The HTC Vive is owned by thousands of these exact kinds of users right now, and some of their solutions are incredible.

Waterproof face cushion

HTC Vive cushion

Ever played 30-40 minutes of a really intense game on the HTC Vive? Better yet, even touched an HTC Vive after someone else had played 30-40 minutes of a really intense game? The included soft, spongy gasket soaks up sweat like you wouldn't believe, and it's super gross to pass that around from person to person to try the headset out.

Reddit user specialfx found a waterproof foam gasket on a cheap Google Cardboard clone, and strapped it to the HTC Vive as a replacement to the included cushion. You can find this part for as little as $10 or you can get it Amazon Prime delivered overnight for a little more.

Magnetic charging cables

Vive controller

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the included microUSB cables HTC provides to charge your Vive controllers, aside from knowing that they are microUSB cables. It's not an actual problem, just a minor annoyance that can be dealt with if you know how.

A pair of magnetic microUSB cables can be found on Amazon for pretty cheap, and with these you just connect the magnet and the controllers start charging. No need to mess around with plugging the cables in.

Controller Wall Mount

HTC Vive wall mount

HTC's controllers are amazing, but they are also big and take up a fair amount of space when sitting on a desk or table. A wall mount makes a lot more sense, and while we have a nice selection of already-made accessories you can choose from for this exact situation, there's a more personal route you can take.

If you have access to a 3D Printer, or know someone who does, these wall mounts are a perfect addition to the Vive and really look like they could be made and sold by HTC.

Cable Belt Clip

HTC Vive belt clip

The most active HTC Vive games will send you spinning left and right to see the world around you, and frequently that means you quickly become aware of the giant cable tethering you to your computer. While there's no way to completely do away with the HTC Vive cable, there's a simple way to ensure that cable is less in the way.

You can use just about anything to tie the Vive cable to your belt, but if you want to get fancy about it there's a couple of 3D Printer files for handling this issue. It's a simple, removable clip that stays out of the way until you really need it.

Replacement headgear

HTC Vive headset

HTC's head straps are ok, but not exactly the best. Replacing those straps isn't easy, but that hasn't stopped someone from trying.

Thingiverse user nw15062 has taken the Miller Electric headgear system built for things like welding masks, printed an adapter for the HTC Vive, and made it so awkward straps are replaces with a fully adjustable helmet-style grip with a flexible arm for the display. This is a little extreme, but if you're unhappy with the Vive straps this could be just what you're looking for.

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