The team over at Sterling Crispin Software has released an app called Cyber Paint. This is an interesting turn on creating art in VR. With plenty of options for your canvas, including portrait or 360, you could see where things have the potential to get fun.

The faster you let go of expectations, the better it gets

This is absolutely not an app you use to create professional art. Detailed art, although possible, is still very difficult to accomplish. When you imagine yourself drawing in real life your canvas is up close and personal, giving you the potential for those small details you want to include.

Unfortunately for Cyber Paint, the VR view has the canvas feeling like it's about two feet away from you. It's definitely hard to get small details when you're doing a point-and-click drawing system from that distance. Not to mention the lag with swift swipes is a bit of a drag. (Ha, get it?)

Tool settings

So the first thing I tried to draw on my canvas was a galaxy of stars and weird planets. Just to cover the canvas with a base of black took a decent amount of time, and I couldn't do a variety of sizes in stars. The small settings were not small enough, and the big settings were not big enough.

But, there were plenty of weird tool options that blew everything I was doing out of the water. I found my favorite to be the texture of 'Chemicals' that made wherever I painted look like a trip scene from a 60's movie.

Regardless, the amount of choices under "Brush Properties" definitely gave enough options to do interesting things with my art.

I also want to note, upon install, I was worried about the color options. I was very excited to see that they had the full color spectrum to choose from, as opposed to a handful of colors to pick out of.

All in all, I'm positive you'll have a blast

Don't let not being able to make perfectly detailed art discourage you. You don't need to have perfect art to make good art, and you don't need to make good art to have fun. As soon as I stopped caring about making the beautiful art I know I can with paper and pencils, the more fun I had.

For a few hours I spent trading my Daydream with my family members, each of us adding silly pieces to our 360 canvas. Just for the fact that I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time as my cousin tried to draw a pineapple made this app absolutely worth it to me.


Whether you're hanging out with your family on a rainy day, or having some chill time after you finish your Holiday feasts, this is something fun for the whole family. Bust out your Google Daydream or your Oculus Rift and have fun with everyone by slowly making some silly work of art. Remember to save it to your phone and share it through your social media!

Playing alone? Challenge yourself to do the impossible by making something gorgeous, or doodle around while laying in your bed. Have your friends message you challenges you have to try and draw, and laugh endlessly at the fun you're going to have.


Have you already played Cyber Paint? Do you have cool pictures to share or a different opinion? Tell us in the comments below!

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