Google is continuing their efforts to deliver a superb VR experience that is accessible with just your phone, through a new platform they call Daydream. The first Daydream headset is absurdly comfortable, and already has access to tons of great games and experiences for you to explore. With Cardboard, they introduced a new generation of users to simple and inexpensive VR. With Daydream it's obvious refining the goal was to refine that experience into something stellar for everyone.

Update 10/25/2017 : New and Improved Google Daydream

Google has anounced an upgraded headset with smoother visuals and better hardware. We highly recommend looking into the new upgrade and improving your VR experience through your cellphone! From a slick new design to better heat management, this device is worth checking out.

Already have the updated device? Have you checked out the new features where you can now cast what you're doing in Daydream VR right to your screen! This means sharing what games or experiences you are using the Daydream for is that much easier to show your friends and family! Turn your fun into fun for the whole family! There's always something fun to do with your Daydream!

Meet Google Daydream

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Google Daydream is a portable VR platform that relies on your phone to power most of the experience. You install the Daydream store, put your phone in the headset, and slide the single strap onto the back of your head. Through the included accessory called Daydream Controller, you can reach out with your hand and point at things in VR, pressing the buttons on that controller to interact with the virtual world you now see.

It's a simple, compact VR experience compared to many others, but it's also relatively new. That means there's a lot to learn about how to get the best possible experience from your Daydream headset. Lets help you get started!

Enjoyment ahoy!

Google Daydream might be the new kid on the VR block for now, but don't think that means that there isn't any content out there for you to enjoy. There are already tons of apps, with new games starting to show up as well. Whether to want to enjoy some 360 degree videos, or duel against wizards, there is definitely something waiting for you to try. You can even continue to play your favorite Cardboard apps and experiences in your new headset. Best


Apps and experiences


Even the most excellent technology has it's little quirks, and Daydream can have a variety of small issues. From your controller not properly responding, to dealing with nausea while enjoying yourself in VR. We've covered some of the most common issues that folks have reported with their headset.

April 2018:We've updated our guide to ensure it's got everything you need to know to get started with Daydream!

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