Disc league is a Vsport game along the lines of Sparc on the PSVR. You are a player in a 1v1, 2v2, or even 3v3 disc throwing competition where you battle others by throwing you glowing blue disc toward them and hope to hit them before they hit you. The game feels like a mix of Pong, Dodgeball and Air Hockey, and can be played in 3rd or 1st person view.

It's a fairly simple game, reminiscent of the classic Tron encounters in the movie and with the addition of multiplayer as well as single player you can have competitions with your friends to see who's the best. We've got the details for you here.


Using the Daydream controller to move and throw is a little cumbersome as the touch controller is extremely sensitive and can accidentally throw the disc without meaning to. This isn't the fault of the game per se, more an issue with the controller. The Daydream controller lacks a trigger button and, I think, games like Disc League suffer due to its absence. Defending is also done by moving the position of the controller but it always seems to be in the way of your sight, or just missing completely. Defending is far harder than just dodging.

The movement is smooth and you use your head tracking to target your enemy, simply point your face at him and the crosshair should turn green signaling your throw. Of course, that doesn't mean you will hit anyone, in fact, I rarely hit anybody unless I am using auto targeting, but that may be just because I suck.

There are two camera modes, First Person and Third Person, to help you feel at home throwing your disc and they both offer different Pros and Cons. While the third person view takes a little getting used to, the targeting can feel off-center, it does relieve you from any nausea you may feel in first-person while moving around. The first person is much easier to target your foes from however so it's always worth trying.

Game Modes

The game is broken down into Multiplayer and single player matches. The single player has no real story mode but it does have a league that lets you try to rise to the top and become a champion. There are difficulty settings of course, though the difficulty curve seems to be very steep. The first two AI settings are fairly easy to beat, while the rest of them may as well be Hal or Skynet. They are that perfect.

The multiplayer is a little more fun, especially with people who suck as badly as you do playing along, the 3v3 multiplayer is especially crazy with the discs pinging off the walls and into your face with reckless abandon. The biggest problem with the multiplayer mode though is the lag, which is pretty darn terrible. Let me say I have 1gb internet speeds so I know it isn't that, but playing 3v3 in multiplayer makes it jump all over the place and in VR that spells vomit comet disaster. I had to stop playing several times in a 10 minute period because I felt so sick and I very rarely get sick in VR.


Disc league could be a good game if it wasn't for some fairly serious flaws. The movement is too sensitive, the throwing to loose to really be a contender. Disc league is available on the Oculus store and soon to be on the Vive and perhaps those platforms will offer a better experience, the Vive especially I would hope to have far better controls and movement. Disc League has a lot of promise, but it has far too many flaws to really recommend it.

The game is still only version 0.8.8 so perhaps in time it could become better, but as of right now, for $4.99, it just isn't worth your time or money. Save your hard earned Play store credit for some of the other, better games out there.

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