HTC Vive

There was already little doubt that Sony's efforts in VR were going to be a big deal. At half the cost of the HTC Vive and being ready to play on millions of PS4 consoles, PlayStation VR didn't need to be the best VR experience in order to occupy a significant chunk of the market. While we're not going to be tossing the word "best" around particularly often on this site, especially in these early days, the next couple of months are going to be real interesting. HTC needs to work hard to show users why Vive is more expensive, and Oculus needs to make a big splash with their Touch controllers when they are ready to launch. Maybe a relaunch of sorts is in order?

Some other thoughts I've had recently:

  • By Christmas this year there will be five significant VR headsets operating in two distinct categories, and what will be most interesting at that point is how many apps and games work across all of these head-mounted displays.
  • I can't wait to talk to teams that decide to publish on all of these platforms at once. Those conversations are going to be fantastic.
  • There are still some folks unhappy with the way Oculus is doing business, but it's pretty far from black and white. Valve's "for the users" statement is great, but their partner has a fund specifically for doing the same thing Oculus is doing with exclusives. Meanwhile, Sony's list of exclusives are half a mile long and no one says anything?
  • Seriously impressed with PlayStation VR. Expect some thoughts on that early this week.
  • Who won E3? Who cares, did you see how many VR games were announced?! We won, all of us.
  • It's also important to remember VR and AR are not all about games. There are practical applications here, and we're going to be talking a lot about those as well.
  • Going to be giving Windlands another shot on the Vive after their last update. The initial launch left me uncomfortable and a little unstable, like I was going to fall down all the time.
  • LOTS of folks saying the Resident Evil VR demo is causing nausea because it dips below 60fps and wasn't finished. That's a huge problem in rushing unfinished demos, something I first suspected we'd see a lot of in Steam Early Access but haven't.

It's Father's Day here, so I'm going to go do that thing. Back to work tomorrow!