The Gear VR is comfortable enough that you can easily lay back and check out your favorite movies. Now Oculus Movies, is built right in so that you can purchase and watch the movies that you are really hankering for. However there is a bit of a catch here. That's because purchasing a movie through Oculus Movies is actually a bit more expensive than it is anywhere else. Nobody wants to overpay for content unless they have to, and that's definitely true here. Thankfully when it comes to checking out movies in VR, you have a few options to check out.

What other services are available as apps?

When you think of streaming movies or television, there are probably two services that immediately pop into your head. Hulu, and Netflix. Both of these awesome streaming apps are available for download to your Gear VR. You'll need a membership in order to use the apps, but if you're new to either service there are generally free trials that you can take advantage of. While both of these services are most well known for their catalog of binge-able television shows, they also have a huge catalog of both new and classic movies.

For now these are your best options for watching full movies streaming through your headseat with the help of an app. While neither of them will allow you to purchase specific movies or television shows, it is a great way to just enjoy yourself without spending money on a single piece of cinema.

Watch movies downloaded to your phone

If you're really hankering to watch a specific program while in VR, and you own a digital copy of that movie, then there is another option open to you. You can actually watch your own videos from within the Oculus Movies app, and this includes both movies that you have downloaded to your phone. There are a few steps involved here, but for the most part it's very easy. For those of you who prefer to own digital copies of your favorite movies, this is a great option to watch whatever you feel like.

Download and playing your own videos in Oculus Video is also pretty easy.

This is especially handy, because it means you can easily pay for and download a movie from your preferred retailer, and then have the ability to watch it without a ton of hassle. Obviously, the easiest way to watch movies in Gear VR is by purchasing your movies through Oculus Movies, but for those of us who like to get the biggest bang for our buck, the extra steps can save you a few dollars.

Downloading and playing your own videos in Oculus Video is also pretty easy. First download the content that you want to watch to your phone. Next, make sure that the video is saved to your Movies folder. From here you can put on your Gear VR headset and navigate to Ouclus Video. You need to select Categories from the menu, and then select My Videos. Now all you need to do is select the downloaded video you want to watch, and you're good to go!

Step by step instructions

  1. Download the movie that you want to watch on your phone.
  2. Transfer the video to your Movies folder
  3. Jump into VR with your Gear VR headset, and open Oculus Video
  4. Select the Category menu with your pointer
  5. Select My Movies
  6. Select the video you wanted to watch, and start it up!


Oculus Movies are a bit pricier than other options on the internet, and since you have access to them there is no reason to overpay for the content that you want. You can stream your favorite movies and television shows using apps like Netflix or Hulu, and you even have the option to watch movies downloaded to your phone by using Oculus Video. Have you tried using an alternative to Oculus Movies? Is there a streaming app, or movie service that we didn't mention here? Be sure to drop us a line below, or head over to the forums and start a conversation!