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While you can capture screenshots and video clips of your PlayStation VR action on the console with ease, the best quality will come from using an external capture card. Commonplace with creators of console gaming content for some time, since the PlayStation VR is attached to a PlayStation 4 you can use the same equipment to pull a copy of what you're seeing inside the headset.

And if you want one, you want the Elgato HD60S. Not only is it a superb capture card with USB 3.0 and 1080p 60 frames-per-second capability, Elgato is already thinking about PlayStation VR creators in the latest version of its software.

Inside the settings for version 3.5, in beta at the time of writing, is a nifty new cropping option when you're hooked up to a PlayStation 4. If you're playing a PlayStation VR game, set the crop as such and the software will automatically reframe the footage. It's a subtle, but important effect that makes your final video footage and screenshots look that much better.

Elgato already removes the circular vignette you get in the top corners when grabbing images and videos directly on the console, and the crop means the black bars at the sides are greatly reduced. The end result is a clean, professional looking clip that looks absolutely fantastic. And because you're doing it at the point of capture, it saves you having to manually do it in a video editor after the fact.

Capture grabbed from an Elgato HD60S using Game Capture HD 3.5 beta and the PlayStation VR crop

The video above is a quick sample of what you can expect using the PlayStation VR crop. One other thing to be mindful of is the size of the video clips, too. That clip alone was 2.3GB in size, which meant a lengthy render process after stopping recording. PlayStation VR videos seem to be a lot bigger than their regular, 2D counterparts. You'll also need a beefy PC to record your VR gameplay.

I couldn't get it working on a desktop PC with an old, Haswell quad-core i5 processor and 16GB of RAM, but it worked just fine on a Skylake quad-core i7 with the same RAM. Something to bear in mind if you're planning some streams or gameplay videos in the future!

If you're already an Elgato user, hit the link below to grab the latest version with the PlayStation VR crop. Right now it's only available for Windows 8 and above.

Download Elgato Game Capture HD 3.5

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