Mere days after Nintendo's very public shut down of VR, the folks at Kougaku Navi are showing off what it would be like to step into the Splatoon world with some serious mod work. Mat Smith over at Engadget writes:

While it may look like a fantastical VR version of the Nintendo's hit shooter, it doesn't go quite that far. However, that's not to say it's not brilliant on its own merit: Let's break it down. The GamePad is the lynchpin here: it's strapped to the player's back to deliver vibrations to your body as well as gyroscopic movement of your view to the HMD. Why is it on the back? It's the best way of approximating where you're aiming the gun.

While Splatoon would be ridiculously intense as a first-person VR shooter, this mod is damned impressive. A look at the full breakdown reveals just how much hardware is inside the faux water pistol, making it clear this isn't a simple thing that can be done at home. On the other hand, there's plenty of folks out there who would be happy to just hold the gamepad with Sony's HMD and go nuts. That's probably easy enough to do. Guess that's my weekend sorted!