This article was updated 15 February 2017 to include 12 new Touch titles added to the Oculus store!

Oculus took their time to make sure Touch was a completely unique way to interact in VR, and a big part of that experience is making sure there are plenty of great games to play. We've spent time with quite a few of them already, but there are more than 50 titles available at launch. That means it doesn't matter if you're into shooters, puzzles, or throwing burgers at zombies from your food truck, there's something here for you to play.

To make all of these games a little easier to find, we've assembled a complete list here. Enjoy!

Got anything else?

Launching with 54 games is impressive, but there's a lot more planned for 2017. Developers of room-scale games like Overkill VR can now ship their HTC Vive experiences on Oculus Rift, and there's already quite a bit of that happening. Additionally, many existing Oculus Rift games like Minecraft VR will be adding Touch support over the next year. The big titles heading to Rift with Touch, at least according to Oculus, are games we saw announced at their most recent developer conference. These include:

We'll be working hard to keep this updated as frequently as possible, so check back if you're ever looking for something new with Oculus Touch!

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