As new technologies have evolved, major league sports has been one of the quickest industries to try new things, and fans have been quick to jump on board. Let's face it, spending a fortune for a ticket then spending more for food and beverages just to sit in the nosebleed seats and have beer spilled on you is far from glamourous.

VR represents a unique opportunity to get a view of the game that has never before been seen, and Major League Baseball has been quick to find ways to use it to give fans an all new experience. Take a look at the all the ways you can "get in the game!"

At Bat VR on Daydream

At Bat VR is enough to make any baseball stat-obsessed fan lose their cool over everything they have access to. Are you the type that watches the baseball game on your TV, and keeps a device handy to keep an eye on box stats any other information? If so, this is the app for you. In At Bat VR, the game is at the center of your field of vision, but along the periphery you have all the information you could possibly desire.

Do you want to see a strike-zone tracker for every pitch? Just look down and you'll find it in 3 dimensions. You see from the catcher's perspective as every pitch comes in, complete with a heat trail. Forget who's up next? Take a look to the right for the batting rotation. Want to see stats for the current pitcher and batter? That's on the left.

You can also use your Daydream controller to get more information. If you click on a pitch on the strike-zone tracker, you can see information like the pitch type and speed. You can navigate to any pitch in the game, or even previous games.

Overall, this is an incredible experience, as it allows you to see the game at all times, while also seeing stats and data that would ordinarily only show up on the screen for 30 seconds at a time. They have some 360 videos available as well. The one downside is that you need to have an account; but if you have T-Mobile that comes included with your plan. Also, at time of publish there is a deal that makes it $20 for the rest of the year.

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Samsung VR on Gear VR

Samsung VR will be offering fans with select content that was recorded with Samsung Gear 360 cameras. Though specific details aren't available right now, they promise to provide unrivaled views of ballparks, and face-to-face moments with their favorite players. These videos will be exclusive to Samsung VR and will include All Star Game and World Series content. There will also be interactive content, such as stats, fun facts, and stills.

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Intel True VR Game of the Week on Gear VR

Intel True VR has a deal with the MLB that has them presenting one game a week in a fully produced VR experience. The app will allow you to switch between various 4K cameras to see the game from different perspectives. They also offer stat overlays, which can be enabled if desired.

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MLB has recently started releasing videos of great plays on their YouTube account. You can view them on any device that support 360 videos on YouTube. They aren't the only ones producing these vides though, so a general YouTube search will give you other options as well.

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What are your favourite games for the baseball VR apps?

These are our recommendations so far, but what are your favorite VR apps for the MLB? Let us know in the comments!

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