On the 2016 and 2017 Gear VR there's a USB Type C port so small and out of the way that you might not even know it was there unless someone told you. But that little USB Type port can do a variety of things to enhance your VR experience. Here are some of the best ways to take advantage of the port.

Save your phone's battery

Using the Gear VR can drain your phone's battery quickly. If you want to use your headset and then have your phone close to a full charge before you head out, you'll want to use the port to power your Gear VR. Plugging in your Gear VR won't charge your phone while you're in virtual reality but it will use the power socket to power the Gear VR rather than your phone. This drains less battery and helps you leave your VR session with closer to a full battery.

There are battery packs available that work with the device but they are generally bulky and can make the device seemed less balanced. Your best bet is to grab a longer USB Type C cable and be relatively close to an outlet. But make sure you don't trip over a cable if it's a game requiring you to stand up.

View external media

This was one of the most exciting changes to the port on the matte black versions of the Gear VR. You can use them to view external media. You'll have to have a USB Type C flashdrive but with it you can load your favorite movies or video content and view it within a virtual theater.

You can read more in our breakdown of the best storage options for the Gear VR.

Use wired controllers, mice, and keyboards

There are some great games that support controllers on the Gear VR. While you can use a variety of wireless controllers, you can also plug in a hard wired controller using the USB Type C port.

Most controllers plug in using USB Type A connection so you'll need to purchase a USB Type C OTG adapter to make it work.

Using the same type of adapter as you would to use a wired controller, you can also connect a mouse and keyboard to the Gear VR.

What are your favorites?

What are your favorite ways to use the USB port on the Gear VR? Did you learn any new ways to take advantage of the port? Let us know in the comments below.

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