Frenetic, horrifying first-person shooter Doom has come to VR, bringing all of the heart pounding, flesh shredding, gun blasting glory to your HTC Vive or PlayStation VR. We got a trailer from E3 back in June announcing the game, but that's never enough information to get you by. That's why we've collected everything you need to know about Doom VFR and why you should be playing it right now!

How will Doom VFR differ from Doom?

The big difference between normal Doom and Doom VFR is when, and who you are playing. In Doom VFR you play a scientist who was killed during the original invasion of Mars. They are resurrected — in a sense — with their consciousness implanted in an artificial intelligence which has the ability to take control of any robot on the station.

Instead of just mowing through enemies relentlessly, there is a bit of a different pace with Doom VFR. You'll still be thrashing enemies as you clean up the station, and additionally, you'll also be working to put the station back into some semblance of order.

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This means that rather than inhabiting the same body for the entirety of the game like the original, you'll be jumping into a variety of different robots littered through the station. This includes even the robots you wouldn't expect, like Merchants or a tiny "Doomba" used for specific parts of the game.

What type of movement does Doom VFR use?

Doom VFR employs a transportation movement system. You'll use either the buttons, or the trigger on your left controller in order to control the teleportation, and rather than taking away from the flow of the game it seems to add to it. You'll find then when aiming to teleport that time slows down a bit, making it easier to plan your attack out so that you aren't caught off guard by a beastie at an inopportune moment.

This slow down for movement also allows you to fire off high-risk shots, like a shotgun to the face of the baddie in front of you, before leaping back to a safer distance. There's also the new addition of 'Telefragging'. Unlike the original Doom which gave you an option for a Glory Kill by finishing off a weakened opponent with a melee attack, Doom VFR has added a way for you to get those epic kills in VR.

When an enemy becomes staggered, you'll be able to teleport inside of them blowing them up in the process. It isn't quite as brutal as the original, but teleporting and then watching chunks of monster go flying from a success telefrag is entirely worth it.

Looking for "smooth locomotion" movement instead of teleportation? Currently you can only find this on the PlayStation VR version of the game. Bethesda has not said anything about adding the feature to the Vive version of the game.

Aim Controller Compatability

Recently we found out that Doom VFR will also use the AIM Controller on PlayStation VR, although they don't seem to have made in to a bundle. You can still buy the AIM controller at Best Buy for just $60 and from what we have seen it may be an extremely fun way of playing Doom.

The AIM controller works using the same light sensor as the Move Controllers but with added helpful addition of a thumb stick to make movement less of a pain. The inclusion of the Aim Controller is a welcome addition, with doom being fast paced and action packed a thumbstick makes all the difference!

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What systems will Doom VFR be available on?

For now it looks like Doom VFR will be releasing on the HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. There hasn't been any word yet on whether we can expect to see a release onto Oculus Rift down the line, but if that changes we'll be sure to let you know!

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What is the gameplay like?

While the original Doom was fast paced and chaotic, Doom VFR takes a slightly different approach. Don't fear, the universe is just as bloody and raw as you remember it, but this time it's built for VR. Thanks to the teleportation system being quick, you'll be able to bounce around rapidly murdering your enemies with a slightly more strategic feel to it than the original game or it's 2016 reboot. The teleportation even slows down time for the brief second you hold the button down to give you more time to plan your moves.

Additionally, while about 80% of the game is dedicated to driving through the nasties currently inhabiting your station, there is also a small part of the game that will have players entering small spaces as a Doomba, to complete puzzles.

Original Doom Levels

Doom VFR comes with extra goodness hidden in the campaign, the original Doom levels in all their terrible textured glory are hiding inside. The weapons still look like the new game as do the monsters, but all the scenery, pick-ups, doors and even explosive barrels are straight of the original from 1993.

To reach the original levels you have to start a new campaign and complete at least the first level. You can then go back into that save file and select the original campaign. It's a little roundabout, a simple original button under the campaign button would be more helpful, but it is so much fun it's ok to jump through hoops.

How much will Doom VFR cost, when is it available, and where can I buy it?

DOOM VFR is currently available for on Steam for $29.99 and you can find it through outlets like Amazon or Gamestop starting December 1, 2017. You can also buy direct from the PlayStation Store and have it ready to play on release day. If you don't currently own a PlayStation VR and want to, there's a bundle available for $399.

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