Make VR is a program for HTC Vive that aims to help you to bring your VR creations to life. From within the game you can create and adjust new items, and then export them. You can adjust the shape and scale, turn full items into wire outlines, and plenty more. Essentially, this is a CAD engine that allows you to see what you're creating in 3D before you send it off to the printer to bring into the real world.

Using MakeVR

Make VR is fun, easy, and fairly intuitive to use, making it entirely possible for you to bring creations from your imagination to life. It works as a CAD engine, letting you create the things that you want to 3D print while playing in VR. This means that for the first time 3D printing enthusiasts who lack the know-how to create their own CAD files in a normal computer program can now do so using your HTC Vive.

Using the Vive controllers you can move in any direction, including rotating your work space.

From within the program, you can open a variety of different worlds or objects that already exist. To start with, you are able to scale yourself larger, or smaller. This will also adjust the size of the objects that you are interacting with. Using the Vive controllers you can move in any direction, including rotating your work space.

You also get access to a virtual toolbox which has all the handy tools that you need in order adjust things. You can resize items, slice them, duplicate them, add pieces, remove pieces, and plenty more. This includes the ability to change what items look like as well. Everything is very easy to work with, making this a great program to use for both beginners, and those who are familiar with CAD programs.

As you learn the ins and outs of Make VR, it becomes easy to see how to change and adjust things. While there is a lot of information to process, you can actually access the tutorial for each tool when you select it. These show up as short videos which make remembering how everything works an easy and intuitive process.

Bringing your VR creations into the new world

Once you have created something that you want to bring into the new world, then what you'll need to do is export files.

To print something with a 3D printer, you'll need either a .stl or .obj file. While you can find hundreds and thousands of these files, Make VR lets you create your own files since it's an interactive CAD engine. You can export them in the necessary file formats.If you aren't sure if you're ready to print a file, you can also save it so that it can be opened later. You can save and export right from the file tab in your preferred format.

Will you be using Make VR?


Make VR is an awesome way for anyone with a 3D printer, and an HTC Vive, to bring their creations from VR into the real world. It's simple and easy to use, making it great for anyone to pick up and use. Best of all it makes exporting and saving files extremely easy, so that you can find them when you're ready to start printing! Are you thinking about using Make VR? We want to hear about in the comments below!

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