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Everything you need to know about the new HTC Vive controllers

Smaller, better, faster, stronger!
Cale Hunt

Everything you need to know about the new HTC Vive controllers

The Steam Dev Days conference is taking place in Seattle, and, while the press isn't allowed into the event, certain developers have been tweeting images of the Vive's new controllers.

They appear to be much smaller versions of the original Vive Wands, but the touchpad for the thumb and the trigger on the back are familiar. Instead of the buttons above and below the touchpad on the original controllers, you now have three larger buttons — one below, one left, and one right — around the touchpad. This should help alleviate the repositioning necessary right now to hit the top button.

The new controllers have a padded band that resembles a watch strap that wraps around your hand and wrist. You can now use the controllers with an open hand, and you can bet there is the same finger presence that Oculus Touch showed off earlier this month.

Gone are the grip buttons on the sides of the original Vive Wands. Instead, these new controllers will sense whether or not your hands are wrapped around the handles — very cool. With over 21 sensors in total, these controllers will no doubt require a new generation of Lighthouses, which is exactly what Steam is working on — expect to see them next year.

As these controllers are still in the prototype stage, there is no word on a release date or a price. We will keep this article updated as more is known about the new Vive controllers.