After the folks at Famitsu dropped a big leak regarding a new PlayStation VR headset, Sony took the opportunity to shed some official light on the situation.

Basically, a minor hardware refresh is soon coming to the PlayStation VR. It's not going to change the resolution of the display in the headset or improve the light-based tracking system, but there will be some streamlining and improvement to the outer shell of the headset that will make life a lot better for some PSVR users.

What is different about this new PlayStation VR?

Here are the big differences between the current PlayStation VR (Model CUH-ZVR1) and this new unreleased PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR2):

  • HDR Pass-through thanks to a new, updated sync box
  • Streamlined headset cable with smaller, thinner pieces
  • Stereo headphone jacks moved to the back of the headset
  • New wraparound earbuds included in the box

Will I be able to buy just the new, updated sync box?

No. The updated design of the sync box does not support the shape of the plastic around the cables on the original PlayStation VR headset. You have to use the sync box that was made for your PlayStation VR headset. This means if you want to update to the latest hardware, you're updating everything.

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Do I need HDR Pass-Through?

In order to benefit from HDR Pass-Through, you need all of these things:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • PlayStation 4 game with HDR support
  • HDR-enabled television

This Pass-Through does not enable HDR in the PlayStation VR headset. Instead, it allows you to have the PlayStation 4 Pro connected to both the PlayStation VR and your television with no need to disconnect any cables to enable simultaneous HDR streaming and gameplay, which is what you have to do with the original PlayStation VR.

While it is true HDR is technically supported on other versions of PlayStation 4, HDR gameplay is almost exclusively limited to PS4 Pro Enhanced titles and HDR streaming currently is only supported with 4K streaming.

What about pricing?

According to Sony, the PlayStation VR bundle pricing is going to remain the same with this new headset. The packaging will be noticeably different, so there's no concern about accidentally buying the wrong PlayStation VR when this new kit is available, but the pricing will remain the same.

Currently, there's no release date for this new PlayStation VR headset, but Sony plans to have more details on this announcement soon.

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