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YouTube is already one of the most popular apps available for Google Daydream. It was one of the launch titles, and it's definitely got a new way for you to consume the videos that you need in your life. Enjoying Youtube in VR can make those videos more awesome than ever, and there is a lot going on within the app. That's why we have all the details for you here!

Navigating menus

Navigate menus on YouTube

At times navigating menus in VR can be a bit difficult, especially if the headset you are using requires nothing more than you to look at the appropriate item. That has certainly changed with the addition of a remote to navigate within Google Daydream. Using the remote, it's easy to move from item to item and menu to menu without any hassle in the process.

When you point the remote you'll be able to see a pointer, and by clicking the main button on your remote you can choose a particular category. At the top of the screen, you will see a bar with several categories for you to switch between. These include 360-degree videos, your account, and subscriptions. The 360-degree videos have been curated to help you find the best in immersive videos for viewing in VR; your subscriptions will show you videos from the channels you are following, and by going to my account you can see your playlists and videos that you have saved.

Switching between voice and keyboard for search

Switch between voice and keyboard search

Searching out your favorite videos is an integral part of enjoying YouTube, whether you are wearing Daydream or just scrolling on your phone during your commute. However, up until now searching for a specific video while in VR has been a bit pesky. Using your voice is the easy way to go, since using the Daydream remote to search using the keyboard can take quite a bit of time.

When you're ready to search for a video, all you need to do is click on the magnifying glass icon on the upper right of your screen. When you click it, you'll have the option to choose searching, using the keyboard, or using your voice. If you choose voice, you'll need to allow Youtube VR to record audio, which does require dropping out of VR to set up. Once you've enabled that, you are good to go. If you do decide to go with the keyboard, it's quite easy to switch back over to voice search. All that you need to do is click on the microphone icon on the bottom right of the screen in front of you.

How to scale 2D videos

How to scale size of 2D videos

Not everybody likes to watch their videos on the same size screen, and that is definitely as true in VR as it is in the real world. Thankfully, when watching 2D videos, Daydream View has most certainly given you the ability to adjust the size of the screen. This only applies to videos that you are watching in 3D for obvious reasons; it isn't possible to change the size of the screen on a 360-degree video because you are literally surrounded by the screen.

Now, if you want to make the screen you are watching those adorable kitten videos on larger — or smaller — it's very easy to do. First, pull up the video that you've been waiting to check out. Using your remote, point at the screen and click. This should open up information about the video that is currently playing. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a gear icon; clicking on it will open up settings. From here you can choose between two screen sizes: the normal sized screen which is decently large, or a curved screen which is much larger and — as you might guess — curves a decent bit.

How to watch laying down

How to watch YouTube while laying down

In many ways, enjoying VR on Daydream is quite a solitary experience. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, and there definitely is a perk when it comes to watching videos. You don't need to be sitting on the couch or hanging out in your computer chair. You can actually lay back on your bed and explore videos in VR at your leisure.

The only trick when it comes to watching videos while laying down is that you'll need to re-center the screen. First, you want to lay down and get comfortable. This definitely includes adjusting Daydream View so that it is sitting comfortably on your face. At this point go ahead and recenter the screen while looking in the most natural direction. When the screen re-centers, it ought to be floating up directly in front of you.

The one catch to this is that some 360-degree videos will not open correctly while laying down. You'll have to sit up and look around, rather than just being able to turn your head side to side while laying down.

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