Everywhere you can buy a Windows Mixed Reality headset

Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) launches October 17, and many of you are likely anxious to snag a brand new headset, whether from Acer, Dell, HP, or Lenovo. To make it easier on you, we've rounded up the best places you can buy a WMR system on day one.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

The online Microsoft Store, which has also been taking preorders, has all four of the WMR headsets set to launch October 17. All bundles come complete with headset and motion controllers. The Acer and Lenovo bundles are priced at about $400, while the Dell and HP bundles are priced at about $450. Express shipping options are available within the U.S. The Samsung Odyssey, priced at about $500, is expected to launch November 6.

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Not every physical Microsoft Store will have all headsets available on launch day, but you can call the store closest to you to find out exact details.

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Amazon seems to be offering only the Acer WMR bundle, which comes with two motion controllers. It is priced at about $400. You can preorder now, but there doesn't seem to be a Prime shipping option. If you haven't already ordered, you might be left waiting longer than you'd like.

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Best Buy

HP WMR headset

Best Buy's online store is stocked with WMR bundles from Acer, Dell, and HP. Prices are competitive; you're looking at about $450 for HP and Dell systems, and about $400 for the Acer system. All bundles include two motion controllers, and Best Buy does offer same-day shipping in select areas within the U.S.

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As for brick-and-mortar Best Buy locations, your best bet is to contact the nearest location and inquire as to whether or not they will have any units in-store on October 17.

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If you're in the UK, GAME has the Acer bundle, including headset and two motion controllers, up for offer. Priced at about £399.99, GAME is offering free delivery on all preorders, and you can usually rely on GAME to get your item to you on launch day if you preordered far enough in advance.

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If you'd rather take your chances and waltz into a physical store on launch day, be sure to inquire ahead about actual availability.

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Dell's online store has a few different options when it comes to WMR. You can pick up the bundle for about $450, which includes the Dell headset and two motion controllers, or you can buy the two separately. For two controllers without a headset, expect to pay about $100. If you'd rather just pick up a headset — we recommend grabbing the bundle, as you won't get a complete experience without — you're looking at paying about $350. You can preorder now, but systems will not ship until October 17.

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Acer WMR

Acer's headset is available for preorder in the online Acer store, priced at about $400. Bundles include two motion controllers and a headset, and should ship beginning October 17.

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