Farpoint has arrived on PlayStation VR, delivering an excellent sci-fi experience for you to shoot your way through. If you want to be well and truly ready for everything this desolate planet is going to throw at you, then knowing what you are about to get into is handy. So we've put together a few tips and tricks to help you survive what is coming.

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Adjust your camera

The first tip we have for you really cannot be understated. Make sure that your playspace, and especially, your camera are properly adjusted for Farpoint. This game is meant to be played standing up, and if the camera has any issues picking up your movements you're going to have a bad time. At the beginning of the game, you'll calibrate where the game can read your movements.

This matters because at times you'll need to place your aim controller in a specific place where it can be seen. If this area happens to be a bit outside of that calbrated zone, it won't be read properly and you'll have to drop out of VR to try and readjust things. Farpoint also uses your height in it's calibration measurements to make sure that it knows where the controller actually is, and if the camera isn't set up correctly you may go to use laser sights and have your gun not align properly.

Taking the time before you get started to ensure that you have a decent set up is going to save you time in the long run. So do it.

Enable turn controls

If you're playing in a small, or otherwise less than ideal playspace, enabling your turn controls is going to be a huge asset. The PlayStation camera needs to keep an eye on the front and sides of your PlayStation VR helmet in order to properly track you. This can become particularly problematic if you're spinning around in a circle trying to keep an eye out for leaping arachnids.

By enabling turn controls in the menu, you can make sure that the camera can always properly see you, which will ensure you have smooth tracking in terms of gameplay. You can choose how turning works, to be sure that it's the best fit for how you play, from three different options.

Get used to switching between weapons

As you play you'll start to pick up more weapons. Rather than using a button push, you'll move the aim controller up to your shoulder to switch between them. This becomes integral to gameplay almost as soon as you pick up the Shotgun. Each weapon has it's own perks and detriments, and when you're getting swarmed by small fast jumping spiders, massive rock clawed arachnids, and bulbous backed beasties, you'll want to use every advantage you have available.

Switching smoothly from your shotgun to your rifle and back is going to be the only way you'll survive when you're surrounded. Considering you just crash landed, alone, you are always surrounded. Each weapon that you pick up will also have an additional firing mode, and by regularly moving between all of the types of damage you can deal out, you ought to be able to handle everything this planet tries to throw at you.

Don't stop moving

If there is a mantra for Farpoint, it's said by one of the scientists you are searching for. "Survivors keep moving." If you stop, even for just a few minute syou're going to find yourself dying in spectacular fashion. Whether you're just running around in circles, dodging to keep away from smaller enemies, or running through a cave system, you have got to keep moving.

Farpoint enjoys throwing large groups of enemies at you all at the same time, and when you are spectacularly outnumbered with new arachnids climbing out of the ground under your feet, the only way you're going to make it is by being quick on your feet. Being able to outmaneuver the larger nastier arachnids is absolutely crucial if you want to survive long enough to find the scientists you are chasing.

Conserve special ammo

While your rifle, or shotgun, can easily dispatch small and medium sized enemies, the time will come when you are hoping for something heavier. Thankfully there is a small gleaming beacon of hope that comes in the form of special ammo types. From the grenades for your shotgun, to the rockets that your rifle can fire, you can access special ammo types that can do vicious damage to your enemies. However there isn't much of it to go around.

That means that when you use specialty ammo, it should be a conscious choice. While it might seem like a good idea to fire off three of these rounds at a single enemy, when you're dealing with much larger enemies having an extra rocket or two is handy. Conserving your special ammo so that it is there when you are really getting hammered is a solid call, and it might keep you from getting completely wrecked!

Use your laser sight

In a normal shooting game using your laser sight is an option plenty of players ignore, in lieu of hip firing. Your default weapon in Farpoint is a rifle, and while it has a decent reticule for hip firing, things actually get interesting if you lift the aim controller up to your eye. That's because when you look down the barrel you get access to a laser sight.

Using your sight makes it much easier to fire in short controller bursts and destroy what you are attacking. When you have 7 or 8 different small spiders hurtling towards you, you need to be able to accurately murder the shit out of them if you want to survive. Likewise, shooting your rifle in short and controller bursts will help to keep it from overheating which will ensure you can keep firing as long as you need to.

Do you have any tips?

Share your Farpoint successes with us in the comments!

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