While the HTC Vive only released earlier this year, the number of titles available for the platform is growing at an exponential rate. If you've just picked up your headset, choosing titles from the SteamVR library is becoming an ever more daunting feat. We've rounded up our favorite titles that you need to pick up first for your HTC Vive.

Job Simulator

Virtual reality is a platform designed to disconnect you from the real world, so the last place you'd expect to find yourself is working in a virtual office. Somehow, Job Simulator manages to shake up this mindset, by adding enjoyable characteristics to the most tedious of tasks.

Never did I think I'd find pleasure from manual labor, but Job Simulator manages to add excitement to the most mundane of professions. By taking on the role of a chef, car mechanic, office worker or store clerk, players are tasked with completing customer orders.

These tasks only act as a guideline and some of Job Simulator's greatest moments can be experienced when steering away from these activities. With only minor guidance and no time limit, the game encourages players to be creative in their approach and experience all the surrounding environment has to offer.

Job Simulator is currently available for $29.99 via the Steam Store, however, is often provided as a free title alongside the purchase of an HTC Vive.

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Raw Data

Raw Data is among the best shooter experiences in virtual reality, taking full advantage of the HTC Vive's room-scale tracking abilities. Throwing players heads first into a hostile humanoid army, the game takes no compromises to both atmospheric tension and gameplay opportunities.

Although wave-based shooters are in no way scarce for the HTC Vive, Raw Data's unique charm comes from its unmatched polish and depth. While still a part of Steam's Early Access program, content added rarely fails to meet the high standard currently in place. With responsive gunplay, a growing collection of content and an appealing premise, Raw Data is an unmissable experience for any VR shooter enthusiasts.

Raw Data is currently available for $39.99 via the Steam Store. If you're interested in picking up the game, make sure to check out our review for the game's current state!

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Although social experiences are becoming increasingly popular for virtual reality, traditional gaming is still leaps and bounds ahead in terms of familiarity. This is part of what makes Onward for the HTC Vive so compelling, expanding the already established multiplayer shooter format to virtual reality.

Onward places a heavy emphasis on player communication, taking advantage of the HTC Vive's inbuilt microphone to really drive home its focus on teamwork. Being a slower-paced military simulator rather than an arena shooter – strategy and pre-planning are both key components of Onward's gameplay. Boasting a wide range of weapons, healthy roster of maps and active player base, Onward is a must-buy for any passionate online shooter fans.

Onward is available for download exclusively via Steam for $24.99. For more impressions of Onward's frantic multiplayer action, take a look at our full review!

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Arizona Sunshine

With virtual reality still being a relatively new platform, we're still yet to see projects emerging with content on par with traditional triple-A releases. The recently released Arizona Sunshine is a great sign of things to come, however, being one of the most varied and cohesive packages available on the HTC Vive today.

Between the game's narrative-driven campaign and cooperative multiplayer modes, Arizona Sunshine offers a huge range of content if you're looking to get your hands bloody. Being a consistently enjoyable and refined VR experience with significant replayability, it's hard not to recommend the game to fans of more linear shooter titles.

Arizona Sunshine is currently available for $39.99 via the Steam Store. To get a closer look at Arizona Sunshine's sun-scorched world, check out our review!

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Duck Season

Duck Season is a nostalgic trip into the 1980s, to a time often referred to as a "golden era" of gaming. Based on the NES classic "Duck Hunt" from Nintendo, Duck Season allows players to jump into a world of carnage and mayhem, shooting down feather friends from the skies.

With a narrative intertwined, players will take control of a young boy, given a rental copy of "Duck Season" to play throughout the day. Jumping back and forth between realistic in-game duck hunting and the careless life of youth, the game offers a unique blend of rewarding shooter gameplay, and world building. However, as the sun sets, a much darker undertone begins to form.

Duck Season can be picked up today for $19.99, which provides access to the main storyline, a range of comical cutscenes, seven different endings and a wide collection of other mini-games. While it might not be for the faint hearted, Duck Season has a lot to offer.

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What about you?

Are there any titles that you recommend to virtual-reality newcomers? Make sure to leave them in the comments section below!

Updated September 18, 2017: We've added the latest VR hit, Duck Season, to our list.

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