While you might be using your HTC Vive on a daily basis, the headset comes packed with dozens of hidden features you might not be aware of. Between a growing community and support from software giant, Valve, the platform now has more potential than ever before.

We've brought together our top tips for the best VR experience, ranging from hidden features to sanitary advice. If you've got your hands on the HTC Vive, these are the five things you should try today!

Don't go in blind

Adjust your lens spacing

If you followed the HTC Vive's quick setup guide, you'll have likely glossed over the headset's lens adjustment capabilities. Using the IPD (interpupillary distance) knob, located at the bottom of right of the headset, the headset's lens spacing can be increased or decreased based your personal requirements.

This will adjust the positioning of both the HTC Vive's displays to provide the most accurate image quality for your vision. If you're experiencing any issues with the headset's scaling or image quality, make sure set your IPD correctly for the best VR experience possible.

For more information on how to accurately adjust your lens spacing, make sure to take a look at our guide!

Squeaky clean

Keep your HTC Vive clean

If you own an HTC Vive it's almost certain you've let someone else have a look at what the hardware offers. However, as you pass the headset around your friends and family, have you considered how dirty it can get?

The best way of keeping your HTC Vive germ-free is by cleaning the headset's removable accessories, including the face cushion and nose pad. Using water and a clean cloth, make sure to wipe down these prime spots. Down forget to wipe off the controllers and base stations gathering dust around the room!

For more information on correctly cleaning your HTC Vive make sure to take a look at our guide!

Show your perspective

Share your gameplay with friends!

Virtual reality is a truly unique experience and sharing that with your friends still requires a little effort out of the box. However, thanks to a range of free tools in recent months, it's becoming easier than ever to share your digital adventures.

Tools are now available to share your both HTC Vive gameplay and screenshots, with relative ease. Whether you're saving clips for later or sharing them on your social networks, these tools are a must-have for any HTC Vive owners!

A splash of color

Take advantage of SteamVR's tools

A wide range of unique features is offered through SteamVR, adding some interesting tools which you might not have wanted until you tried them. A majority of its offerings tweak the overall experience, with customization and accessibility options to improve the system's ease-of-use.

From visual changes, such as custom skins and chaperone options, to new features such as phone pairing and camera usage; SteamVR is an irreplaceable tool for all HTC Vive users. Make sure to check out our ultimate guide for a breakdown of the platform's offerings!

Pushing the boundaries

Play Oculus Rift games on your HTC Vive

While SteamVR has managed to deliver hundreds of games to the HTC Vive, not every major release has made its way to the headset. With the headset's closest competitor, the Oculus Rift, also getting its own handful of exclusives, it's become frustrating to find out your most anticipated titles locked behind different hardware.

Revive is a third-party application that hopes to combat this, by adapting Oculus exclusive titles to run on the HTC Vive headset. With the ability to even emulate the Oculus Touch controllers, you'll be receiving a near-identical experience to using the headset itself. For more information on getting started with Revive, make sure to take a look at our step-by-step walkthrough!

Do you have any additional HTC Vive tips you couldn't live without? Make sure to share them in the comments section below!

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