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Tonight was the 2017 Game Awards, and along with winners for the best games of 2017, we got a sneak peak at what's coming next year. There were only two new VR games announced, but they both look like a ton of fun, and we've got the details for you here!

The Line-Up


"After you JOB, then you vacation!" Founder Alex Schwartz explains when he announced the release of the sequel to one of our favorite games, Job Simulator.

Vacation Simulator takes place on a tropical island and, judging by the trailer, there will be options to fish, snorkel, go grilling and much, much more. With how captivating Job Simulator was doing work, I'm excited where they're going to take us on vacation!

They did not give us an exact date, but the game is set to release sometime during 2018.


Willian Pugh and Justin Roiland are at it again, coming up with a sequel to Accounting with Accounting+. This game looks just as whacky as I'd expect from these two. Filled with cartoon gore, a vulgar sense of humor and a fond addiction to breaking the fourth wall I'm sure this game will be quite fun.

Gotta admit, the secret Zoo level they expressed "no one was ever going to find," does spark the competitive nerd in me.

Your Thoughts?

Did either of these games get you excited for what 2018 has in store? Do you wish there had been more new about games for 2018? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

PlayStation VR


PlayStation VR


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