When thinking of great tech, often what comes to mind is the best quality, the best specs, the best design … but we sometimes forget what really drew us to it in the first place: the fun factor. 360 cameras came onto the scene in a big way in 2016, and while they may not be quite as hot a commodity this year, Samsung's new Gear 360 stands a good chance of rekindling the public's love for these special gadgets. And not just because it's the most adorable little droid this side of BB-8; the Gear 360 2017 unlocks a whole new dimension in spherical storytelling.

I'm Michael Fisher, aka MrMobile, and believe it or not, I'm considering buying a selfie stick just for this camera. Since picking it up at Samsung's big Galaxy S8 announcement, I've been having a blast using the new Gear 360 to shoot … well, everything in sight. But unless you're like me and you want to see everything past the edge of the lens in every photo or video you shoot, you might want to steer clear. Hit that video up top and see what I mean.

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