Netflix on Gear VR allows you to binge away, all within the confines of your Gear VR headset. Many folx enjoy catching their shows just before bed, and you don't have to change up that pattern just because you are watching your favorites while in VR. Being able to lay out in bed, and go ahead and watch away might seem like a pipe dream, but it's entirely doable, and shouldn't take more than just a minute or two.

Why laying down is worth it

When it comes to watching Netflix in VR, you might find sitting up to be uncomfortable after a few minutes. That's because unlike most apps or experiences, all you're doing is sitting and watching a movie without really moving your head to look around. This means that after an episode you may find yourself unable to find a comfy spot, and becoming irritated at the weight of the headset on your face.

However, laying down to watch your favorite shows can alleviate some of those issues. Even better the Netflix app is equipped so that you can watch while laying on your back, your side, or even on your stomach, without many issues. You're able to do this by using Void Theater, which allows you to change where your television show will appear, and how big the screen in.

How to watch Netflix laying down

When you open up the Netflix app, you may notice that even if you are already laying down, the main netflix screen will always appear in the same place. That screen won't move even if you reorient the screen from your settings menu. However, you'll notice on the ceiling there is an icon that reads void theater, you'll want to tap to enter it.

From there you can reorient the screen, and it will appear wherever you are looking. You can also at this point adjust the size of your screen, so that it's precisely as large as you want it to be. Now, you will want to keep in mind that anytime you shift position you'll need to reorient the screen, but this is easily done right from the settings menu.

Step by step instructions

  1. Open Netflix from Oculus Home.
  2. Look up and tap to select Void Theater.
  3. Get into the position you want to watch Netflix from.
  4. Tap the touchpad to reorient your screen.
  5. Tap the show you'd like to watch, lay back, and enjoy!

How do you watch netflix on Gear VR?

Being able to easily watch Netflix with Gear VR, no matter what kind of position you are sitting or laying in, is a serious boon. More to the point, being able to lay back and just enjoy your favorite show without any distractions can be a great way to relax. While it is slightly more involved than just watching Netflix normally, it will only take an extra minute or two to get yourself adjusted. So have you been watching Netflix with Gear VR while laying down? Be sure to leave us a comment about it below!

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