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Sony has added a feature to the PlayStation VR setup that you're either going to use every chance you get or not even once, depending on how you watch movies. Added in the latest update was the ability to watch 3D Blu-Ray movies through the headset with no additional settings or features. You just put the disc in, put the headset on, and the 3D effects start immediately. As long as you're down with watching a movie by yourself and having the headset on for 90-120 minutes at a time, this is a great feature to have.

It works reasonably well too, considering you're using the PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode to watch a movie on a 1080p display and you aren't actually using all of the pixels to begin with. But a lot of this experience depends on how you have your current PSVR settings applied. If your goal is to really enjoy this experience, you're probably going to want to tweak a few settings.

Before you get started

The first thing you need in order to watch a 3D Blu-Ray in your PlayStation VR is an actual 3D Blu-Ray. This new feature will not add 3D effects to existing Blu-Rays that do not already offer a 3D mode on the disc. Check the packaging for the 3D Blu-Ray logo before giving this a try.

Watching 3D Blu-Rays with the PlayStation VR only works if you have the latest updates to both the system and the headset. You want the PlayStation 4 to be updated to System Version 4.5, and the PlayStation VR to be updated to System Version 2.5.

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Next up is headset positioning. It's usually pretty important to make sure your PSVR is correctly positioned on your head, but when watching a 3D Blu-Ray this is critical. If the image is shifted too far in any direction because the lenses are not correctly positioned in fron of your eyes, the 3D effect can quickly become disorienting. Make sure you're seated, and your headset is correctly aligned.

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It's also important to make sure the lenses in your headset are as clean as they can possibly be. Make sure you have a microfiber cloth nearby, and remove any smudges from the lenses before you try to watch a 3D Blu-Ray.

Watching a 3D Blu-Ray through PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

As soon as you put the Blu-Ray in your PlayStation 4, Cinematic mode will adjust to show you the movie in 3D. You won't see any 3D features until the movie starts, unless your movie included 3D visuals in the menu system for the disc.

Everything else about Cinematic Mode will remain the same, which means the display size will remain whatever your default setting is. If you've set your Cinematic Mode to Medium, you'll probably want to increase the size to Large when watching 3D Blu-Rays. This will use more of the display, and offer you more of the 3D experience.

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Once you have the display size set to your liking, it's important to position the display just slightly higher than you'd normally set it when playing a game. This makes it easier for you to shift a little during the movie, so you aren't trying to reset the view while watching. To make this adjustment, pick your chin up a little higher than usual and hold the Option button until the display recenters.

Once the movie has started, you'll be able to control the movie just like you would any other movie viewed through your PlayStation 4. If you prefer the separate media remote, DualShock 4 controller, or voice commands, you'll find each of these features still exist in the headset. However, since you're going to be sitting stationary for a while, you'll want to ensure you choose a control method before you hit play.

And that's it! With this guide you should be able to enjoy your entire 3D Blu-Ray collection with no problem. Is this something you're going to use often? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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