PlayStation VR brought VR experiences to your console, which likely means you're playing right in the living room. If you have roomies, pets, children, or other distractions this can make things a bit more difficult. There are a few things you can do to make carving out a space for VR a bit easier on yourself. These tips ought to help make sure you get the most out of your PlayStation VR playspace, no matter where you have it set up.

You don't need as much room as you think

Ideally it's recommended that you have a clear play space of about 6 Feet by 9 Feet. However for many people, especially those living in apartments or flats, there just isn't that much room that can be spared for gameplay. If you have a spare bedroom, or office space that isn't taken up, then you're in the best possible position. For the rest of us, some furniture shifting may well be in order.

While the ideal setup might take up half of your living room, you actually don't need that much to play. In many cases PlayStation VR games can be played while sitting down. Games that can be played this way take up far less room than standing up. You just need to ensure that there is room in every direction around your seat, and you're good to go.

Camera placement matters

The PlayStation VR playspace is dictated by where you set up the PlayStation Camera. Depending on your setup placing the camera on top of the television is probably your best bet. This way you can point it at the most open section of the room. However, you may find that to get a decent amount of room you'll have to rearrange some furniture. You can get away with having a clear space in the middle of the room, with furniture and whatnot up against the walls. This setup will allow you to have a channel as your main play area.

When the camera is pointed, you can adjust where it looks. You need to be about three feet in front of the camera to be in the best position for gaming. So long as you don't bump into furniture when moving your arms around, you ought to be just fine. Before you start playing, your television screen ought to show you the rough play area which will let you know what furniture needs to be moved.

What is your setup like?

Having enough room to enjoy VR without constantly bumping into things is key, but you don't need an overabundance of space. With proper spacing of the camera, and your seat, even a cramped apartment can handle someone playing PlayStation VR. Do you have a full room for VR? Do you have to move furniture around each time you play? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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