PlayStation VR

We're still months away from the official launch of Sony's PlayStation VR, but you can go and try the headset out for yourself right now. Sony has expanded their initial E3 weekend trial to hundreds of Best Buy and GameStop locations all over the US, with plans to expand to locations in Canada in the coming weeks. It's a great opportunity to try the headset out for yourself, either to compare to existing headsets you already own or see how you'll deal with gaming in VR, and hopefully prepare you for a second wave of pre-orders from Sony before the October 13 launch. Here's what you need to know!

Sony has several games available for you to try at these demo stations, and you can pick what you want to try out before the headset goes on.

  • PlayStation VR Worlds —For most people, this demo will be a passive experience inside a shark cage that is deep underwater. While you aren't shooting or running, the experience will give plenty of immersion and a jump scare or two.
  • Eve: Valkyrie — The same game included with Oculus Rift, this space shooter puts you in the cockpit of a ship in the middle of a massive space battle. Whatever you do, don't try to stand up during this game.
  • Headmaster — You use your head as the controller in this bizarre and colorful game. This is a lot of fun, and gives you a good idea for how well the headset will stay on your noggin.
  • SUPERHYPERCUBE — A brilliant first-person puzzle game with a fantastic soundtrack and plenty of trippy animations.
  • Battlezone VR — Drive around a battle tank surrounded by enemies, equipped with little more than your wits and a sense of retro-fueled justice. Check out our hands-on for more!

Did you pick which game you want to play? Now you need to know where to go to play it. Sony has a great tool on their website to point you in the right direction. Just enter in your zip code, choose a spot, and go have fun. Most Best Buy locations supporting the demo space will be doing demos every Friday and Saturday, while most GameStop locations will only be hosting demo spaces on Saturdays. If you can't go this weekend, be sure to check back next weekend for your chance to try out PlayStation VR!

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