Google has launched is Expeditions educational virtual reality app for Google Cardboard for everyone, following a preview release last year. Expeditions is aimed at students and schools, and allows teachers to take their students on virtual field trips. Teachers act as guides, controlling the experience for a classroom-sized set of devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

These are the primary features of Expeditions:

  • Guide classroom-sized groups of locally connected users from your phone or tablet.
  • Explore along with a guide in immersive VR by putting your Android phone into a Google Cardboard viewer ( or use an Android tablet or phone in 2D "magic window" mode.
  • Connect devices over the same WiFi network - if the Guide has downloaded some Expeditions, there is no internet connectivity required to run the Expedition!
  • Choose from a growing list of over 200 Expeditions - each one is a curated set of VR imagery along with integrated descriptions, talking points and questions.

Expeditions is available now in the Google Play Store, and you can use existing Cardboard setups with Android phones to get started. However, there will also be pre-made Expedition Kits, which feature 30 devices for students, 30 ViewMaster VR viewers, and more equipment, on sale through Best Buy for $9,999.

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