Google Daydream

Google has been hard at work on democratizing VR in many different ways, and we're finally starting to learn a little about the way Daydream Labs wants to tackle the creative side of the equation. If someone could tell a story in VR using the same virtual environment everyone's going to use to watch that story, with no code required, it creates a powerful mechanism for adoption at every age level. And it looks like that's exactly what Google has in mind.

People were already familiar with how to interact with real toys, so they jumped right in and got started telling their stories. They didn't need a lengthy tutorial, and they were able to modify their animations and even add new characters without any additional help.

It looks like this is happening inside of an HTC Vive and not a Google Daydream prototype, but the concept here is straight up What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get VR storytelling, and that's fantastic. This is a toolset that any child could use to tell a story in VR, and even have it publish to YouTube as a 360-degree video so anyone could watch the story play out. Google has clearly labeled this an Experiment, so there's no telling if or when we'll see this out in the world, but it's fantastic to know Google's paying such close attention to the creator tools while building Daydream.