The Brookhaven Experiment

Half the fun of sharing VR with someone else is watching their reactions, and no game for the HTC Vive offers more intense reactions than the demo for The Brookhaven Experiment that has been available since the hardware launched. As a brief five stage demo this game has generated more shrieks and grins than any other game, as evidenced by the nearly 20,000 results you get on YouTube when searching for videos of this game.

After a great deal of patient waiting, the full release of The Brookhaven Experiment is happening today!

Where the demo was a single, story-free zombie fest with a single firearm, the full game promises a great deal more. Multiple weapons, multiple locations, a complete story to be told, and an endless mode where you can shoot to your heart's content. Or until your heart stops from turning around one too many times and seeing one of these monsters right up in your face. Either way, good times.

The Brookhaven Experiment is unlocking on Steam at 5PM today for $14.99. Be sure to check out the interview with HTC below for more, and whatever you do don't forget to look behind you!