Virtual reality technology has improved a whole lot over the past few years, with some of the most realistic experiences to date. While we're still far from matching the immersion proposed by the Tron movies, there are a number of ways to get your fix with an HTC Vive headset. We've brought together our favorite games that take influence from Tron's neon-lined world, alongside some small modifications for any fan of the franchise.

Play these Tron-styled titles:

As with any VR headset, you'll want to be playing games first and foremost. While we're to see any official Tron VR games, there are a number of experiences available which still hit the spot. These are our favorite games for any fans of the Tron universe.


Holoball is a racquetball game which launched alongside the HTC Vive last year, which clearly adopts the techno-aesthetic of the 1980s. Putting players in arenas against AI opponents, players will have to keep the Holoball in the court, while accounting for its physics. This intense sports game will keep you on your toes, taking full advantage of the HTC Vive's room-scale capabilities.

Aside from its styling, Holoball also comes with an unmatched synthwave soundtrack, reminiscent of any 1980's arcade.

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Audioshield is one of the best rhythm based titles for the HTC Vive, which adds a new dimension to any music. Watch out for incoming orbs which represent the beats of tracks, matching your moves to the song currently being played.

With support for both local files and music streaming, the best part of Audioshield is its focus on your music. The game will generate levels on the fly around your tunes, which can make for naturally intense gameplay.

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Ripcoil (via Revive)

While we're yet to see that long-awaited "Disc Wars" game for virtual reality, Ripcoil for the Oculus Rift does a great job at getting close to the experience. Putting a sports slant on high-tech frisbee throwing, players must aim to score goals against their opponent, while standing on moving platforms.

Ripcoil is currently available for the Oculus Rift, with support for the touch controllers. HTC Vive owners can get a near identical experience with the third-party application Revive, which allows Oculus Rift games to seamlessly run on HTC's headset.

How to play Oculus Rift games on the HTC Vive

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Sparc (Well, soon)

Sparc is yet to release on any VR platforms but is shaping up to be the ultimate experience for any Tron fans. Pitting players against one another in enclosed arena, the game encompasses all that was great about Tron's "Disc Wars."

Originally showcased as "Project Arena", the game is now releasing as a sport-focused title under the Sparc name. While comparisons can be drawn to dodgeball and racquetball, there's still a clear influence from the Tron series in its gameplay. We'll make sure to keep players updated on the progress of the game, with a full review once it finally launches. For now, make sure to check out the above trailer to get a sense of what to look forward to.

Customize your SteamVR experience

Through some brief searching, there is also several Tron-themed skins are available for SteamVR's home menu. Using the Steam Workshop, a curated storefront of community created content, you'll be able to tweak your controllers, base stations, and VR wallpaper to fit within the Tron universe.

Having a quick look at the store, we found NOSKILL's "Outlands" background and EvilSergi's "Tron Legacy HTC VIVE V.0.3" controller skins to be among the best offerings, which take influence directly from the recent film.

For more information on finding HTC Vive controller skins, base station skins, and backgrounds, make sure to take a look at our previous guides.

Watch the Tron movies in VR

Even if you've previously seen the Tron movies, watching them in a virtual reality setting couldn't be more different. With applications available that offer big-screened cinemas or smooth 3D experience, you'll want to give both movies a try with your VR headset.

For now, we recommend trying two of the most popular video applications for desktop VR – BigScreen and Virtual Desktop. With the ability to watch disc-based movies, experience 3D video or even tune in with friends from across the world, this is a movie experience you won't want to miss. For more information about using either of the applications, take a look at our in-depth guide below.

Have any other recommendations?

Have anything else you recommend to die-hard Tron fans in VR? Let us know in the comments!

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