SteamVR Home is a new extension of the SteamVR experience, designed to bring more social and personalization features directly to the platform. Following the success of various social VR applications, SteamVR Home is a native offering which allows players to build an apartment with friends.

Although the feature isn't currently available to the public, you can now get hands-on through an ongoing opt-in beta test. For those getting started in their virtual spaces, we've brought together the top things you should try in the beta test.

Environments: No place like home

Before inviting anyone over to your SteamVR Home space, you'll want to do some interior decorating. Following Valve's previous work with rich environments in its "Destinations" application, SteamVR Home offers an extensive array of choices to create your haven.

At first, we recommend taking a look at the "Steam Workshop" subsection of the "Environments" menu. From this section, you'll be accessing a collection of community-created backdrops to tweak the ambiance of your home. After finding an ideal location, get started with props and drawing features to add your individual flair.

Avatars: Put a face to the name

With the social element being the focus of SteamVR Home, avatars are also a major component of the experience. Your avatar will act as a representation of you in every social encounter, mapping your head and hand movements into digital form.

Avatars can be customized to your liking, with configurable head shapes, hand types, props and their respective colors. Props are among the most ubiquitous of these, with the means to tweak both your appearance and accessories. Visit the "Avatars" sections of SteamVR Home to get started with your personal avatar.

Quests: On a mission

After some time with SteamVR Home, you'll come to realize the initial prop selection is relatively scarce. Quests are one of the few activities currently offered within the platform, allowing players to hunt down new props.

To get started, navigate to the "Quests" section of the SteamVR Home menu. From here, you'll be given clues to locate objects within various SteamVR environments, which will automatically added to your inventory. Some of SteamVR Home's best accessories are available through Quests, so make sure this isn't missed.

Social: Play with friends

After setting up, it's time to invite your friends to SteamVR Home. With online friends, you can explore all of SteamVR Home's features, with the of integrated chat which leveraged the HTC Vive's internal mic.

Parties of friends can continue to customize home spaces, play with props and explore new environments. Quests and drawing features also prove to be enjoyable with friends, adding a collaborative edge to the experience. While SteamVR Home still in beta, it's highly likely we'll see new activities added to the platform in the months to come.

Have you used SteamVR Home? Which are your favorite features? Let us know in the comments.

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