The folks at Merge have been making waves in the VR world for quite a while with the unique and colorful Merge VR/AR Googles, but this new accessory is going to really take off quick. Merge Cube, the so-called "hologram you hold in your hand" is now finally available to purchase. Merge announced this fantastic little foam cube back in January, and has spent the time in-between then and now working with dozens of app developers to create unique experiences that all quite literally play out in the palm of your hand.

Ready to get your hands on one of these cubes? Here's where you need to shop!

Where to buy a Merge Cube

Merge Cube

  • Wal-Mart — Currently, Wal-Mart is the exclusive retailer for Merge Cube right now. These Cubes are be available in-store and online for $14.99, and currently there's no mention of any limits for how many any single shopper can buy.

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December 2017 Update: Best Buy now sell the Merge cube for the low price of just $10.99, an absolute bargain for this nifty little gadget.

Buy the Merge Cube at Best Buy for $10.99

Do I need the Merge VR Googles?

Technically, no. In fact, you don't need a VR headset at all to use a Merge Cube, just your phone and the apps which support the Cube. If you use a VR headset, the experience becomes more immersive and you don't have to hold your hand up to your face while holding your phone to see everything.

Merge VR Googles are built on the Google Cardboard system, so technically any Google Cardboard headset will allow you to experience the Merge Cube features, but only Merge VR Goggles have a special cut-out for the camera on your phone. You can make this cut in any Cardboard headset, but the simple pop-out offered with the Merge VR Googles is undeniably more convenient.

Bottom line, if you've got the extra $59.99 and want the immersive experience, get the headset made by the people who made the Cube.

December 2017 Update: Best Buy also have the Headset for $49.99, a little saving over the original price.

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