The biggest mobile VR library is getting bigger this month, and we have some exciting new additions to share with you! There aren't many new games that have been confirmed for this month, but the ones that have are worth a look!

Doors of Silence: The Prologue

October is the month for the best in frightening experiences, and Doors of Silence: The Prologue, is the first chapter in a new horror saga. It's a gorgeous game to look at and aims to be ultra-realistic so that you can really feel the terror as you play through the game.

Doors of Silence: The Prologue relies on the exploration of creepy and run down locales, combining stealth, puzzles, and environmental interaction. Fans of the horror survival genre should recognize the look of this game, and at only $4.99 it's definitely worth your time and money!

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Recent releases you may have missed

The Brookhaven Experiment: Mobile

The Brookhaven Experiment is easily one of the most recognizable horror games in VR, and now it has made its triumphant arrival for Gear VR.

The Brookhaven Experiment drops you into a dark world where things have gone very, very wrong. You'll need to keep an eye out as you shoot the vicious creatures intent on devouring you whole because they will creep up on you from every direction. You'll need to aim and fire your gun, while also keeping an eye on ammunition, and pistol-whipping enemies if they manage to get too close to you. With a great atmosphere and creepy visuals with accompanying music, the Brookhaven Experiment: Mobile is well worth its $7.99 price tag.

Released on September 27, 2017.

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Updated October 2, 2017: We've updated this post with the games releasing in October!

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