Are you ready for more Gear VR apps?

The biggest mobile VR library is getting bigger this month, and we have some exciting new additions to share with you! And many of them had release dates in the first few days of the month, meaning they're already available for you!

Notable releases this month

Here's what we've found so far!

They Live To Destroy - Released

Are you a huge Godzilla fan? Did you love Pacific Rim? Are you secretly a super villain looking to plan your own evil metropolis? Then this is the game for you! With a retro art style that has elements of Fallout inspiration, and the ability to send your own monsters on raids, this mostly under-the-radar game has real potential to win the hearts of a lot of fans.

Throw Gear VR - Released, Enhancements Forthcoming

If there's one thing that sports fans have been asking about since the dawn of VR gaming, it's games that put you in the POV of a player. Throw makes you the Quarterback! At present, there is no Gear Controller support, but that functionality is forthcoming.

Endless Turns VR

If you're a fan of puzzles that involve fast thinking and good coordination, you'll enjoy Endless Turns. You control a ball on a 3-dimensional platform, that is constantly evolving in response to your moves. You must manipulate the platform to move the ball; but be careful, for there are no rails keeping the ball from plummeting.

Quick Racing - Released

Quick Racing is a fast-paced Go Kart-style racing game. It feels a lot like Mario Kart, but with some unique quirks. Running off the edge of the track can lead to some interesting physics.


Metaworld is a sandbox MMORPG that simulates 10,000 miles of multiplayer VR. It's unique in that it features persistence: items you move will stay where you put them, no matter what, until you come back and move them again. It's like Minecraft meets the Matrix, and is being praised as a view of the potential future of simulated living. From the vendor, some of the many activities you can participate include, "Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Snorkeling, Sailing, Sports, Training, RC, Drones, Go Karts and much more!"