For the greater part of this year, it seems that attention has quickly gravitated towards upcoming console hardware upgrades. With both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One struggling to meet the demands of gamers, these rumored consoles are set to shake up the tradition of 'console generations'.

With Microsoft having announced its revamped console under the codename 'Project Scorpio', the pressure now lies with Sony to deliver its competition to the upgrade. This Wednesday, Sony is expected to deliver on that promise by unveiling its plans for upcoming hardware and software over the next year. Dubbed the 'September 7 Event', Sony will be taking to the stage to discuss what lies ahead for all PlayStation gamers.

Slimming down

Despite the lack of an official announcement from Sony, the PlayStation 4 Slim is all but confirmed for this week's event. With a number of units currently circulating in the wild, the PlayStation 4's smaller cousin has already been stripped down by analysts.

While the source of these leaked units hasn't been entirely confirmed, the PlayStation 4 Slim is expected to hit store shelves very soon. After dozens of units appeared on auction sites just a few weeks back, it's clear that production is already well underway.

From the units that slipped out early, it appears the PlayStation 4 Slim won't deliver any groundbreaking new features. Unlike the Xbox One S which debuted 4K video output and HDR gaming, the PlayStation Slim is expected to be a minor revision of its predecessor.

Full speed ahead

While the event will undeniably shed some light on Sony's plans this fall, it's also expected to look forward to its later ambitions. With console performance dominating today's media, consumers are starting to demand higher graphical fidelity from their games. This is where Sony's upcoming 'PlayStation Neo' steps in, promising higher resolutions and framerates than the standard PlayStation 4 unit.

What makes the PlayStation Neo so unique is its approach to the market – releasing in the middle of a console generation. Unlike the drastic changes between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, the Neo is expected to be cross-compatible with all future releases for the original console. During the event, we can also expect to find out what this means for PlayStation VR - a headset already compatible with the original PlayStation 4.

But what about VR?

As you're currently reading this on a virtual reality website, it comes as no surprise that we're most excited about PlayStation VR's presence. Only a month remains until the headset releases worldwide, which makes the event the perfect place to discuss its future potential.

During the presentation, we may also be treated to a few VR surprises, given that Sony is heavily pushing the platform. We can also expect to hear more about upcoming PlayStation VR titles, extending from the initial launch line-up.

What would you like to see?

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