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It doesn't matter which VR headset you're currently wielding, there's always something new and exciting to check out. Keeping up with all of it is a lot, so we here at VR Heads assemble a short, bi-weekly list of all the thing we're playing across each of the VR headsets.

Ready? Here we go!

HTC Vive

Raw Data

If you're down with intense cyberpunk shooters, the folks at Survios have something in Steam Early Access for you to check out. Raw Data sends you as either a rugged gunslinger or a sneaky cyber-samurai into the belly of an evil corporation to steal as much data as you can before the robot army comes and stops you. The best parts of this game are still to come, but there's something deeply satisfying about hurling and electrified Katana through the air and splitting a robot in half from across the room. The multiplayer aspect is also pretty great.

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Another fantastic Early Access game, QuiVr is an archery game currently available as an early Alpha test. In its current form, you defend a single rune stone from being attacked by skeleton hordes, giant spiders, colossal ogres, and the occasional zombie or two. Accuracy matters, but so does taking the time to examine your surroundings to see what you can use to your advantage as wave after wave of monsters comes your way. This game is going to be a ton of fun when it fully launches, but in its current form it's already pretty great.

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Oculus Rift

The Assembly

Explore an underground bunker in an incredible story where the world isn't quite right, and watch as two characters struggle with the morality of the decisions being made around them. The Assembly is an intense first-person story with themes and imagery that will send BioShock fans into flaskbacks, but a unique story that is well worth exploring.

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World of Diving

Online multiplayer action games are starting to become more common in VR, but World of Diving offers something unique. This is a multiplayer exploration game, where you and your fellow divers explore and photograph the incredible scenes underwater. It's a fun take on exploration simulators, and in VR the ability to immerse yourself in the dive is a lot of fun.

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Samsung gear VR

Mars is a Real Place

Over 60 incredible 3D images from the surface of Mars have been assembled for everyone to enjoy without taking the long trip out there ourselves. It's a simple VR slideshow with some music in the background, but if you have any interest in space at all the experience is well worth your time.

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Photon Strike

This is a ridiculously simple game that pits you against other AI or players in a 360-degree classic arcade-style strategy game. Take out the other teams before they take you out, and enjoy the simple graphics and quirky soundtrack in the process!

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Google Cardboard

Spaceout VR

Take your favorite songs and enjoy them in a series of trippy light shows. There's now a whole lot to this experience outside of the vibrant menu colors, but it's a fun take on the old song visualizers from the WinAmp days.

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Wrong Level

If you've got a Bluetooth controller and a Cardboard headset that fits to your head with a strap, Wrong Level is a crazy puzzle game where you wander about in search of basically nothing. There's no clear objective to this game, you just sort of wander around until you feel you've seen everything. It's strange, but also quite a bit of fun.

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