Games in VR

There's always something new and exciting happening in the world of VR. Games, apps, and incredible videos are being released on an almost daily basis. It's a lot of fun to stumble across something interesting in the stores, especially at such an early stage for all of the different headsets that are out there today. We probably spend a little too much time staring into the lenses of one VR headset or another, but it allows us to share a healthy list of experiences we've discovered on a regular basis.

Here's what we're playing this week, organized by platform for your sampling pleasure!

HTC Vive

FATED: The Silent Oath

This first-person RPG-style story is visually unique, with a powerful story and some clever puzzles in between sword and bow action sequences. So far the game is well paced and filled with vibrant characters, well worth the $20 if narrative-driven RPG-alikes are your thing.

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Pool Nation VR

Built for both Standing Room Only and Room Scale users, Pool Nation VR puts you in the middle of a classic Billiards hall so you can play some pool. The game is set up for multiplayer with fellow Vive owners, scored play with AI, or casual open table play to get your trick shots just right. The most impressive part of this game so far has been the virtual environment, which includes bottles you can shatter and chairs you can set on the table to mess with your fellow players. If you decide you're bored with pool or you're waiting for your turn, a quick push of a button will start a darts game for you to enjoy.

Pool Nation VR is currently 15% off as a launch bonus, so get on it!

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Oculus Rift


Hold that controller tight, because Windlands is going to make your body feel like it is flying through the air thanks to a pair of grappling hooks and some incredible puzzles. Fly in an almost Spider-Man style from tree to tree as you complete increasingly complex tasks, and don't forget to take a couple of minutes when you aren't being thrown through the air to enjoy the beautiful scenery in this game.

Windlands is $19.99 in the Oculus Store

Samsung Gear VR

Floor Plan

This is without a doubt the cutest puzzle game available for the Gear VR and Oculus Rift right now. You stand in an elevator and travel from floor to floor, grabbing items and interacting with all of the fantastic characters on each floor in order to locate all of the parts you need to build the robot at the top of the building. Floor Plan is perfect for introducing new users to VR, and great for anyone looking to casually sit on the couch and enjoy some VR.

It's also only $6.99, so go grab it from the Oculus Store!


Sit in your virtual War Room and organize your forces to defeat the enemy! Tactera looks like the holographic battle maps you see military experts standing in front of in Command & Conquer games, only you're the military expert giving directions from afar. Visually the game is super cool, and the challenges grow at a reasonable pace as you'd expect. If you're a fan of not quite real-time strategy games, Tactera is going to make it hard to take your Gear VR off.

You can find this game for $9.99 in the Oculus Store.

Google Cardboard

Battle 360 VR

Google Cardboard shooters are nothing new, but there's something special about Battle 360. You sit in the seat of an anti-aircraft gunner, rotate around, and destroy everything that comes by. You're scored based on your survival and destruction rating, so keep your head on a swivel and enjoy this simple free game.

Free on Google Play

Google Jump Experiments

Google's Jessica Brillhard gave an incredible presentation on VR and Cinema at Google I/O this year, and as promised she has uploaded the videos from her presentation so we can enjoy them in VR. The first of which is the Jump Experiments, which shows a whole lot of people at last year's I/O interacting with Google's JUMP camera rig. It's a great video to watch, and is a lot of fun to see through Google Cardboard.

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