Here's what you need to know about Viveport

HTC has debuted its new virtual reality store, Viveport, opening access to a range of new content from HTC Vive developers. But how does HTC's store fit in with the existing SteamVR platform? Here's everything you need to know to get started with Viveport!

What is Viveport?


At its core, Viveport is an official app store for the HTC Vive, which serves as a gateway to recommended content for the headset. With this new storefront, a wider range of experiences is now accessible through official channels.

Viveport is already packed with content at launch, including a number of Viveport timed exclusives. The store is currently divided by category, ranging from educational experiences to virtual reality-based creative tools. While Viveport is separating itself from SteamVR and traditional gaming, some smaller, innovative titles are available through the platform.

Why not use SteamVR?

Up until now, HTC Vive experiences have primarily been distributed through Steam — a platform built up exclusively around games. Viveport allows HTC to distribute and promote more experimental ideas through a platform better suited to these experiences. While there is some crossover, we can expect a majority of future non-gaming HTC Vive content to surface on Viveport. Core gaming experiences will remain on Steam for the time being.


How do I access Viveport?

There are a number of ways you can access Viveport.

Access Viveport through the Vive desktop client

As one of the most convenient ways of accessing Viveport, the Vive desktop client houses both the storefront and your local games library. The client also integrates with SteamVR, acting as a central hub for your Vive experience. Like Steam, the desktop application's store is a simple web wrapper around the web version of Viveport.

  1. Ensure you've got the latest version of the HTC Vive software. To access Viveport through the PC client, you must be running version 1.0.8889 or later.
  2. Click the Viveport tab on the top menu bar.

Access Viveport in the HTC Vive

If you prefer to use your virtual reality headset, Viveport is also accessible from Vive Home. By booting the headset with the Vive Home rather than SteamVR, direct access to Viveport is available.

  1. Launch the Vive Home application.
  2. Select Viveport on the left-hand side of the menu.

Access Viveport on the web

Whether on the go or without the software, the Viveport web store offers the same features as seen on the desktop client. Accessible with most modern browsers, purchases made with an HTC Vive account sync up via Vive Home on the desktop.

  1. Navigate to the official Viveport web store using your favorite browser.

When making any purchases, they will be tied to your HTC Vive account and will be downloadable from the PC client.

You and Viveport

Will you be using Viveport with your HTC Vive? Let us know in the comments section below!