Have you ever wanted to be a pirate, rollicking along on the ocean waves? Heroes of the Seven Seas is a game that hopes to let you fulfill that fantasy, with mixed results. You'll loot, explore and plunder, along with taking down any ships you happen to find along the way. Heroes of the Seven Seas is fun but flawed game that is made for those who love pirates. We've got all the details below.


The graphics in Heroes of the Seven Seas are a bit lackluster. While there are plenty of bright colors that bring some character to your screen, things look really blocky. The characters and environments alike lack any real definition which makes them seem more like characters from a game released years ago, rather than one on VR.

Now VR might not be known for jaw dropping graphics in their games, but the graphics you see here are just below par. It's especially sad, because the anime comic panels actually look pretty awesome in explaining the plot of the game. They aren't the worst graphics i've ever seen in a game in VR either, they just seem a bit dated. I'm relatively certain I did not just hook a Sega Dreamcast up to my face, but this game does a reasonable job convincing me otherwise.

Avast matey!

The story of Heroes of the Seven Seas is a bit thin, to say the least. Basically, there is some very special treasure hiding out there, and you want to get it before any the other pirates swarming the seas manage to. At the beginning of the game, and periodically stylized anime style comic panels will get you some deper intel, but they are fairly few and far between.

If you take a break from the game, and then return, you can also check out the Captain's log in the menu screen. This will give you some background on what you've done, and what's going on. However much like the story in the game proper, it's fairly thin.

Shiver me timbers

The gameplay is where the real flaws in Heroes of the Seven Seas start to show up, and they aren't entirely saved by what is done well. When you start the game, you have the option of playing with either a controller or by using the touchpad. While either of these options are viable, the touchpad has some serious kinks.

You spend a significant amount of time out on the open water. Using a controller winds up being much easier, specifically because the headset doesn't always like to react to the controls from the touchpad. Especially when it comes to steering your ship. While that isn't a huge problem when you are ashore, not being able to control your ship properly is infuriating when you are in the middle of combat.

Let's face it. It's fun to sink ships!

You'll spend a decent amount of time in combat, too. There are plenty of different ships out on the open seas, and all of them are available to be destroyed, or taken. If you take a ship, you've then got access to a higher quality vessel. You'll also have the ability to recruit new members for your crew, and plunder to your hearts content.

Plunder, as you might guess, is a big part of the game too. After all, you are a pirate. As you progress through the game, you'll find new and better pirate ports where you can sell your loot, buy new equipment and check out upgrades for your ship.

A huge part of the game is the combat on the water. You'll spend plenty of time circling around the ships you plan to attack while getting into appropriate position and range to be able to attack. Some ships will go down after 3-4 volleys, while larger ones can take a bit longer to subdue. The mechanic doesn't always work particularly well though, especially if you decided to go with playing via touchpad.

While the gameplay does get repetitive due to its reliance on ship fight, after ship fight, there is a certain kind of joy that can't be understated. Let's face it. It's fun to sink ships, and particularly satisfying to watch them burn up to smithereens after a particularly long fight.


Heroes of the Seven Seas is a fun ride through the life of a pirate looting and pillaging away. However it does have it's problems, and these may drive away players who prefer a more polished experience. That being said, for only $4.99 this is a fun game that can catch your attention., it's just questionable as to whether it can keep it.


  • Blowing stuff up is awesome
  • Music is fantastic


  • Graphics are not quite up to par
  • Gameplay becomes repetitive

2.5 out of 5

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