Google Cardboard kits brought VR into a far more accessible space. By using your phone, and a headset to dive into VR, anybody with a compatible phone suddenly had the option of checking out VR. Now, Homido Mini is bringing that accessibility a step further with their travel sized Homido Mini. This tiny, and excellent, Carboard kit will make jumping into VR easier than ever.

The first thing that you notice when you lay eyes on the Homido Mini, is just how small it is. When it's folded up and ready to travel, it will actually fit right into the palm of your hand. All you ever need to do to use it is unfold the lenses, and then clip it onto your phone, before opening your VR app of choice.

The Mini is made to be easy to use in a pinch, and to be entirely travel sized. On both accounts it succeeds wildly. You trade the ability to have a full Cardboard headset on your face for the ability to move from the real world into VR in just moments no matter where you happen to be. When you're done using it, all that needs to be is pulling it off your phone and folding it up.

Simple Cardboard experiences are naturally social. A long commute or busy schedule can easily eat into the time you'd hoped to use to play in VR. By making a travel sized Cardboard kit, Homido has made it easy to jump into VR no matter where you are. From riding a train on your commute home from work, to waiting while you are in the doctor's office, anywhere becomes pretty accessible.

Also consider how bulky a Cardboard kit usually is. While the boxes aren't necessarily large, they can still take up valued space inside of your bag. The Homido Mini is so dainty that you can slip it right into your pocket, or purse. This ensures that whether you're traveling light, or packing plenty of bags, there is always room to fit this headset into your luggage.

To use Homido Mini, all you need to do is unfold it and then clip it to the middle of your phone. Unlike some cardboard units, these will fit onto any phone, which means that all you need is a phone capable of using VR apps. When you're using them, you just need to hold your phone up, with your face pressed up to the lenses.

Now this might sound just a little bit awkward, but it's actually pretty comfortable. While you won't get the full immersive experience that you've come to expect from a Cardboard unit, it still works really well. The display isn't drowned out by the sunlight, but you absolutely notice the world around you.


Homido Mini makes carrying around a VR headset ridiculously easy and accessible for anyone. This unit is comfortable and accessible for anyone. It doesn't matter whether you don't like full headsets, you wear glasses, or you only have time to check out VR when you are away from home. The Homido Mini is small, easy to pocket, and just as easy to set up and use.

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