Homido V2

It shouldn't be a surprise that we've started to see more elegantly designed headsets as we move into the future of VR. Manufacturers are starting to figure out how to improve their initial VR experiences, and as an early mover in this space the folks at Homido are well positioned to deliver an upgrade of their initial offering. The creators have taken the time to deliver a larger, better designed, and more comfortable headset for your VR adventures.

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Homido V2 in carrying case

When you first pull the Homido V2 out of it's box, you'll find everything neatly packaged inside of a carrying case. It's got a firm shell to protect the headset inside in case of any accidents that might crop up. Open this case up and you'll find the Homido V2 headset, an extra cushion for your face, a cleaning cloth, and the headstrap. Everything is packaged well, which makes it easy to get set and dive right in.

If you had a chance to play with the original Homido, the first thing that you'll probably notice is the size. Homido V2 is a good bit larger than it's predecessor. This means that it can fit just about any phone, which is fantatsic. The larger size also ensures a better fit on your face which is far more comfortable than the first version.

It's very easy to get your phone in and settled without a lot of hassle, which is a huge upgrade.

At the top of the headset you'll find a scroll wheel that will focally adjust the lenses inside to give you the best viewing experience possible. On the top right is a large silver button which when pressed, makes it slightly easier to open up the area where your phone is held. On the front of the headset, you'll see a visor that helps to block light, and is attached by magnets.

To insert your phone, you'll need to first open up the visor. You'll see three small clips, by lifting any one of these all of them will move. You'll need to move them up so that you can fit your phone into them. These are what will hold your phone in place quite securely. After you have it clipped in, close the visor and you'll be good to go. It's very easy to get your phone in and settled without a lot of hassle, which is a huge upgrade.

At the bottom left of the headset, you'll find another scroll wheel. This one will allow you to adjust the distance between the lenses, also known as the Interpupillary Distance or IPD. Twist until everything looks nice through the lenses, and there's still another step before you are enjoying VR. You need to download the Homido Center app through the Google Play Store, which works as a home base for all of your VR adventures. While you certainly can choose to avoid this step, and simply download your Google Cardboard app of choice onto your phone, but you probably want to give Homido's app a shot.

You can also easily filter your search results by the type of app you're looking for, along with bookmarking specific apps for later.

The Homido Center actually works extremely well as a central place for your VR experiences. You can find apps that you might otherwise miss in the Google Play Store. You can also easily filter your search results by the type of app you're looking for, along with bookmarking specific apps for later. While it definitely isn't necessary to download, it can definitely be fun to see the apps that Homido thinks you might enjoy rather than the endless scroll on the Google Play Store.

At this point you are ready to dive into VR and enjoy yourself however you see fit. Homido V2 is great for a comfortable experience too. By making the headset a bit larger, they've ensured that no matter how big your face is, you can easily use it. The extra padding where your face sits in the headset also helps with making sure that you won't end up with a bruised nose after playing a game for an hour.

Overall the upgrade that Homido V2 delivers is fantastic. Getting your phone into the headset is much, much easier than it used to be and on top of by making it larger you can easily enjoy your VR until your battery dies. So the question that remains, is whether the price tag is worth what you get for your money. The easy answer is yes. You're essentially purchasing an upgraded version of a Google Cardboard headset. It's far sturdier than a Carboard unit, and it's larger and so more likely to continue working when you upgrade. It's really well designed, the head straps hold it to your face extremely well. Last but certainly not least, it's super comfortable to wear even for an extended period of time.

If you've been looking for a great headset that is both worth your time, and your money, for those adventures in VR then Homido V2 might just do the trick. The price point can be a bit of a sticking point for a souped up Cardboard kit, but for some people it may well be worth it. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Homido V2, then you might also want to take a peek at the Homido Mini. Both are available online, and they've also started to appear in Best Buy stores within the United States. Does Homido V2 look like it might be up your alley? Be sure to drop us a comment and tell us what you think.

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