Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has done a lot of things right with making the Gear VR Controller feel comfortable, so you can play games and watch movies and without needing to set it down. But accidents happen, and no one wants to be the person who threw their Gear VR Controller into a television, so you need to put the included Wrist Strap on.

You can do this quickly, but it's not exactly obvious how you're supposed to connect the included strap. Here's how you do it.

Start by removing the back plate to the Gear VR controller, exposing the batteries. At the base you'll find a small hole going to the outside of the the controller body.

Gear VR

Feed the thin end of the Wrist Strap into this hole, and place the small loop around the plastic stem next to this outer hole. Once you have it secure, put the battery case back on and give the strap a good tug to confirm it is completely ready for use.

Step By Step Instructions

To attach the Gear VR Controller wrist strap, you need to:

  1. Remove the battery cover on the Controller
  2. Feed the thinnest part of the wrist strap into the hole at the base of the controller
  3. Wrap the strap inside the controller around the plastic stem
  4. Confirm you have a secure connection to the Controller
  5. Attach the battery cover to the back of the Controller

That's it, you can now securely use your Gear VR Controller. Place your hand in the strap, slide the plastic bar up to your wrist, and have fun!

Samsung Gear VR



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