While using the voice activated input on the Google Daydream feels like the future, sometimes a good old fashioned, on screen keyboard is the simplest way to search. The Daydream Keyboard is the default way to do this on the Daydream Viewer and like all keyboards you do have a choice of languages.

Happily, it is possible to change the Language on the Daydream Keyboard to something new. Unfortunately, you can't set a language as default that isn't the default on your device.

So what can I do?

Daydream keyboard is like the Google Keyboard app in a lot of ways, it shows you on the spacebar what language you are using and allows you to change them if you have multiple languages on your devices. To add multiple languages simply open your settings App and navigate to your Language/keyboard options. From there you can "Add a Language" and even move it to a higher priority position.

Remember folks, this is not only changing the language in your Daydream Keyboard, it also changes them across your device as well. At this moment there is no settings specific to the Daydream Keyboard in the same way there is for Gboard or other 3rd party Keyboards, only the global settings can change anything. This means to have, say, Chinese Simplified as your default language it must be your default for your device.

Now it's time to don the Daydream viewer. When you reach the main menu on the daydream you will need to open the keyboard using your App of choice. So if you are looking to search YouTubeVR then open it from there. When the keyboard appears you will see a key to the left of the spacebar that looks like an internet globe. By clicking that button you can cycle through the languages you have set on your device until your reach your desired language!

Step by step instructions

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Navigate to "system/Languages and Inputs".
  3. Choose "Languages".
  4. Add the language you wish to use.
  5. Move the Language up to the Number 1 slot.
  6. Enjoy your new language in Daydream Keyboard.

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