A new update recently dropped for the popular VR shooter, Arizona Sunshine, adding new movement options to use throughout the game's modes. This fixes one of my biggest gripes with the game back at launch, where teleportation was frequently a jarring experience which took you out of the action.

In the update, a new locomotion 'Walking' locomotion type has been added, which offers a new way to traverse Arizona Sunshine's sun-baked world. But how does this affect gameplay for you? Here's what you need to know.

Which movement types are available?

Following the locomotion update, two movement settings are offered in Arizona Sunshine. These both offer differing takes on gameplay, coming with their own benefits and drawbacks depending on your playstyle. While neither option is 'better' than the other, one may be preferable with your playstyle.


Launched alongside the game back in December, Arizona Sunshine is the input method Arizona Sunshine was initially designed to accommodate. Activated by holding down the Menu button and aiming the reticle that appears, this is a quick and efficient way to move around in-game. However, instantaneously jumping across the wastelands, teleporting can sometimes take you out of the action.


Walking is the latest addition to Arizona Sunshine, offering a smoother alternative to the standard teleportation. Using the HTC Vive trackpad similarly to other popular shooters such as Onward, this can be a much more immersive experience but comes with its own challenges. Unlike teleportation where you can quickly jump out of a pack of zombies, walking puts some limits on your freedom as a player.

How to change your movement preferences

Although you won't be able to switch between movement options on the fly, a quick switch can be made through the game's menu upon start-up.

  1. Make sure your copy of Arizona Sunshine is up to date.
  2. Open Arizona Sunshine.
  3. Calibrate your arm levels and wait for the menu to load.
  4. From the menu, insert the tape labeled Settings.
  5. Grab the gun to interact with the menu.
  6. Navigate to the Movement tab
  7. Select the movement option you wish to use. Fine walking also comes with some additional advanced options, to finely tune movement to your liking.

Have you been playing Arizona Sunshine? Which movement option do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!