How to close the virtual keyboard

One of the coolest things you can do while playing with your Gear VR, is spend some time surfing the internet. That's entirely possible too, with the help of the Samsung Internet app. This means you can check out 360 degree videos, or check out the latest SNL clip to give yourself a guffaw. However, some users have reported a problem where they can open up the virtual keyboard in Samsung Internet, but are unable to close it or access voice search. Thankfully there is an easy fix to this problem!

What Happens

The problem that occurs is pretty simple. While you can open and search using the virtual keyboard inside Samsung Internet, you're not able to access voice search. That's the immediately pesky problem, since voice search is far easier to use than the virtual keyboard. However it isn't the biggest problem. No, the biggest issue is that after you have typed in your search, you're unable to close the keyboard and see the results of the search. You can click the close button a dozen times, but the keyboard will stay exactly where it is.

How to fix it

Gear VR

While this problem is exceedingly frustrating one, there is a fix that will get you back to enjoying VR in no time flat. This problem tends to crop up specifically if you do not have the Google app installed on your phone. That's because the Samsung internet app requires the Google browser in order to work properly. Thankfully, all that you need to do to fix this issue is install the Google app onto your phone. At this point you'll be able to access voice search functions, as well as close the virtual keyboard without any issues.

Step by step instructions

  1. Remove your phone from the Gear VR headset
  2. Go to the Play Store
  3. Download and install the Google app
  4. Restart the Oculus app

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